Windows is falling -- run for your lives!

Windows is falling -- run for your lives!

Notes from the field

That creaking sound, the dust, that feeling of vague but imminent doom? It's not an earthquake. Your office isn't falling into a sink hole. It's the warning signs of Windows collapsing.

According to a presentation served up last week by two Gartner analysts, Windows is plummeting like a Herman Miller chair tossed off the C-Level balcony at One Microsoft Way. The reasons are obvious: Vista is a bloated mess. Corporate America doesn't want it. Even Microsoft's own mid-level managers couldn't hide their disgust at what their overly hyped OS simply can't do.

Fact is, the future belongs to nimble, lightweight operating systems and applications. That's why Google skipped right over rolling out a desktop OS and went straight to Android. Having used a Windows 'Smart' Phone extensively over the last six months, I can tell you: calling Windows Mobile "lightweight and nimble" is like calling Oprah "a skinny be-yotch." Sure, she's trimmed down a bit, but I wouldn't want to go five rounds with her. A slow, power hungry, unstable, and maddeningly hierarchical OS is not something anyone wants in their pockets. Yet even with all its faults, Windows Mobile is still light years ahead of Vista in those areas.

A cheap thin client with my applications floating gently in the cloud makes a heckovalot more sense. This is why Gartner is right, and why Microsoft should be spending its time and energy repairing its own crumbling OS instead of giving Indian rope burns to Yahoo shareholders.

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