What's new from ... Sophos, Trend Micro, CA, Symantec

What's new from ... Sophos, Trend Micro, CA, Symantec


Sophos Anti-Virus offers a range of antivirus solutions designed for networks of all sizes. It is a multi-platform solution, with support for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98/95, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD and eight other flavours of Unix, it can protect the most diverse of environments.

The workstation products incorporate InterCheck technology, which uses cryptographic check-summing algorithms to ensure efficient scanning procedures.

All Sophos licences come with 24 x 7 telephone technical support at no extra cost. This support is provided by our Sydney-based team of experts, backed up by a worldwide network of support departments. Sophos also offers a rapid response to suspect items submitted by customers, with the reassurance of a qualified human technician doing the work.

On most supported platforms, Sophos Anti-Virus includes SAVI, a fully-featured API (application programming interface) that allows third-party software developers to harness the power of the virus detection engine. Products like Marshal Software's Mail Marshal and Baltimore Technologies' MIMESweeper have all incorporated support for SAVI. This offers tremendous performance advantages over the use of command-line virus scanners.

Future developments on the horizon include a standalone SMTP e-mail scanner for Windows and Unix platforms, and the release of a scanner to run on Lotus Domino R5 servers. All these products will come with the same level of service and support as our existing products, and advantageous licensing packages make it easy to package multi-level protection.

The products are available to members of the Sophos partner program.

Pricing is available upon application.

Sophos: (02) 9212 1600,

Trend Micro

The Trend NeaTSuite is integrated specifically for NT-based networks to cover the Internet gateway, Microsoft Exchange servers, LAN servers and desktops, providing a powerful, multi-layered defence against viruses and other malicious code.

NeaTSuite's centralised management tools and intelligent malicious code scanning offers content security in a high-performance software architecture suitable for any NT-based enterprise.

Administrators configure and update NeaTSuite's comprehensive virus protection software from a single Web-based Trend Virus Control System (TVCS) console in real time. The offering includes automated weekly virus updates from Trend Micro's Web site.

According to Trend Micro, NeaTSuite is a scalable solution for protecting information flowing through Internet gateways, e-mail servers, file servers and desktops, which allows for the deployment and management of antivirus protection from a central point.

NeaTSuite's centralised management tools include InterScan VirusWall, ServerProtect for print file and application servers, ScanMail, and automatic virus updates. The Corporate Edition also provides for a Trend Virus Control System (TVCS) managed solution.

NeaTSuite is a mixed software antivirus solution that monitors virus activity and malicious code in SMTP, HTTP and FTP traffic. The virus scanning covers all entry points, starting with the Internet gateway and ending with individual desktops. The offering also analyses active content embedded or attached to e-mail, active scripts and controls in Web pages, and passive content that can reduce the efficiency of an enterprise.

NeaTSuite provides a complete antivirus solution for companies that have 20 employees or more.

Trend Micro sells NeaTSuite through two distributors - LAN Systems and Alstom IT. Pricing is available upon application.

Trend Micro: (02) 8876 5678,

Computer Associates

eTrust Anti-Virus is designed to provide real-time virus protection for the entire enterprise, including all servers and clients, by continually detecting and curing potentially damaging viruses. At the heart of eTrust Anti-Virus is a virus-scanning engine that detects and cures all kinds of viruses, including the increasingly prevalent and damaging stealth and macro viruses.

eTrust Anti-Virus offers automated installation and hands-free updating of servers and networked clients. According to Computer Associates, eTrust Anti-Virus detects 100 per cent of viruses "in the wild", including boot sector, master boot sector, memory resident, file multipartite, macro, stealth and polymorphic.

The offering also provides real-time scanning, and a heuristic virus detection engine designed to even seek out unknown macro viruses before they damage the network. The offering includes centralised control and manageability, as well as domain management features that simplify viewing, configuring and scanning of all eTrust Anti-Virus servers.

To protect against the onslaught of new viruses, eTrust Anti-Virus automatically downloads bi-weekly virus signature updates from the Internet, and distributes these files to eTrust Anti-Virus servers and clients to provide the latest protection.eTrust Anti-Virus scans compressed file archives and Internet downloads, including ZIP, ARJ, Microsoft Compressed formats, as well as macro viruses often found in Microsoft Word and Excel files.

Organisations using eTrust have the flexibility to deploy a security solution as a standalone product, as a security suite, or fully integrated with Unicenter TNG.eTrust Anti-Virus can be applied in Windows NT, 3.x, 95, 98, DOS and Macintosh environments.eTrust Anti-Virus is distributed through Tech Pacific and Express Data, with pricing available upon application. Computer Associates: 1 800 224 636,


Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.5 is designed to provide automated enterprise-wide virus protection using Digital Immune System technology to facilitate manageability and administration for the desktop and file/print server levels of the corporate network.

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.5 is a key component of Symantec Enterprise Security, a comprehensive and modular Internet security solution for enterprise computing environments. Part of Symantec's Digital Immune System (DIS) "closed-loop" automation technology features back-end infrastructure designed to provide enterprise customers with high levels of protection. The DIS provides system uptime through automatic, reliable, hands-free virus detection, as well as analysis and delivery of virus cures to either a single, infected PC or an entire corporation, with or without administrator intervention.

New flood control capabilities also decrease bandwidth problems that occur when too many users attempt to submit infected files.

As part of the DIS, Internet-based Scan and Deliver now offers the ability to submit infected files to Symantec via the Internet using HTTPs, removing the reliance of an e-mail based submission system. Internet Scan and Deliver provides faster submissions, faster virus response time and increased security.

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.5 incorporates support for resumable downloads and eliminates the need to restart a download from the beginning if the connection is lost while downloading from an Internet Web server.

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.5 provides multi-tier protection for Windows 2000/9x, Windows NT/2000 workstation and server, NetWare and Windows 3.x/DOS, and is now available in Australia.

The licences are priced at $99.99 for 10-24 units, $89.87 for 25-49 units, $76.56 for 50-99 units, and $65.78 for 100-240 units.

Symantec: 1800 680 026,

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