Internode gets greener

Internode gets greener

Adelaide-based ISP purchases carbon credits and looks to switch to green energy sources

Adelaide-based broadband provider, Internode, has undertaken a greenhouse gas emissions audit and purchased carbon credits in a bid to show its green thumb.

The audit, which was conducted by Carbon Planet, found Internode produced the equivalent of 3899.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. The report found two-thirds of its greenhouse gas emissions were in the area of utilities, such as electricity consumption. Other areas included employee services, flights, equipment, third-party services and ground transportation.

Internode has purchased 3900 certified carbon credit offsets to achieve CO2-free status. Managing director, Simon Hackett, said this was the first step in becoming a better global citizen.

"We're looking at buying our power from green sources, such as from wind and solar, in the near future," he said.

Internode is also actively recycling paper and computers, and generating a minimum of waste in the first place.

"Many of the vendors whose technology we use are getting progressively better at producing lower power consumption, which has a run-on effect on how much power we use," Hackett said.

"This is something we're doing simply because it's the right thing to do. We're in an industry that uses a heck of a lot of power, which is something we've been conscious of for quite a long time."

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