After Hours: NetApp director of partner and public sector, Scott Morris

After Hours: NetApp director of partner and public sector, Scott Morris

My favourite book or movie ...I enjoy movies - with a young family it is difficult to find time to get fully absorbed in a book. An all-time favourite is a spaghetti western with Terence Hill and Henry Fonda called Nobody Is My Name. It's about an understated character who's a lot more than he appears.

If I could go anywhere...I'd travel to Africa and go on a wilderness safari with my wife, no mod cons. I think it would provide the phenomenal reality of what we only see glimpses of in zoos.

If I wasn't doing this job...I worked a number of labour intensive jobs to earn a living while at university, including fence contracting, roof tiling, cabinet making, and steel/metal fabrication. I enjoyed the technical side of building things, so it would have to be a job involving construction and craftsmanship.

The person I most admire...I've learnt a lot from so many people I have had the privilege to associate with. The one person who really stands out is my wife Philippa. She's level-headed and definitely won't tell me what I want to hear. I am constantly amazed at her passion, strength and willingness to help others.

I really hate...I struggle with arrogance - confidence is fine but arrogance has no place. Without the people around you, your own exploits will only take you so far.

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