5 TIPS on selling document solutions

5 TIPS on selling document solutions

According to Kyocera's product market manager for document solutions, Craig Elkin, print hardware is just a small part of a scalable and cost effective printing solution. Here are his top tips for making a document management sale.

To be successful, a document management specialist needs to understand their customer's business and be able to communicate with them effectively to know how they want to manage their documents. Ways in which document managers can improve their performance, relationships and help their customers achieve better results is by:

1. Helping their customers understand the need to establish document types, attributes and characteristics of each of their documents they want managed. 2. Communicate and help the customer understand that they need to create a document workflow for each stage of their documents and know what the lifecycle of that document may be - this makes it easier to manage if they understand this information about the document. 3. Instruct them to setup controls for these workflows, so that each stage of the document can be managed and controlled. 4. Make sure your customer has a good back-up policy. Most document management systems have a central repository where the data is stored; if the hard drives fail then so may your document management. Printing solution providers need to ensure this does not happen and encourage customers to have a data backup plan. 5. Ensure you have buy-in from the senior management of the company you are dealing with and encourage them to keep on top of it and working at it. A document management system only works if people use it and keep it up to date. Companies starting to implement a document management system may have to make changes around how to control certain workflows. If senior management does not ensure there are adequate policies on how to manage documents, each staff member handling documents might decide what to do by themselves and put their own interpretation of how it should be done. This will only lead to chaos. As stated in point 3, controls and rules need to be in place. For example, confidential documents might be accessible to everybody, while other documents could be incorrectly classified and stored in an inconsistent manner, making it almost impossible to retrieve an urgently required document.

In order to ensure efficient workflow and protect return on IT investment, it makes sense to consider document flow, applications and relationships rather than just printer hardware. In this way, it's possible to develop a document strategy which optimises the flow of documents into, across and out of the customer's organisation.

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