AOL's younger breed, Spitzer girl gets ID'd

AOL's younger breed, Spitzer girl gets ID'd

The kids are alright: Some folks hit middle-age and buy sports cars, get hair plugs, or take up with $US1000 an hour hookers. AOL has decided to celebrate its midlife crisis by buying Bebo, the third largest social network on the planet, for $US850 million. Bebo has some 40 million members, most of them euro-teens who at this moment are probably saying, "Granddad, what's an AOL?" Any bets on how long it takes AOL to totally screw this up? I'm guessing just slightly longer than it took for the feds to nail a certain ex-New York governor.

Lay lady lay: All week long I've been biting my tongue about the Eliot Spitzer situation. But now that the identity of the mysterious and highly priced "Kristen" has been revealed - Ashley Alexandra Dupre, better known to her high school friends as Ashley Youman - I've finally succumbed to temptation. Turns out the 22-year-old is an aspiring R&B temptress with her own MySpace page, which received three million hits the day the news broke. Her page lists Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse as friends (no surprises there) and features Ashley crooning a R&B hip hop song that is, frankly, better than anything Jennifer Lopez has ever produced. Looks like this gal may have a bright future after all, though probably not in politics. And with traffic like that, Maybe AOL should forget about Bebo and start a social network for call girls. The question is, should they call it My*** or *****book?

All in the game: Last week, McAfee reported more than 20,000 pages on hundreds of gaming websites had been compromised by hackers looking to steal logons and passwords. Trend Micro reports that its own site was hacked via a similar exploit. The problem? They don't know what exploit was used to get into the sites; we seem to have moved from zero day attacks and into the negative numbers. Fortunately, everybody was too busy searching for Ashley Dupre to be affected.

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