Cisco partner summit: Chambers sets out vision for second wave of the Internet

Cisco partner summit: Chambers sets out vision for second wave of the Internet

Collaboration the way as consumers drive change

HONOLULU: Collaboration enabled by network technology is driving a second phase of the Internet that will change everything, according to Cisco chairman and CEO, John Chambers.

Speaking at the company's annual Partner Summit, he urged attendees to start all over again in terms of how they think about communications with customers, colleagues and business partners.

"It's about any content to any device over any combination of networks in any way we want," Chambers said. "The network will enable all forms of communication and we have an opportunity to lead the entire industry.

"The market has been looking to Google because it's not seeing innovation from the traditional [technology] players. We have a chance to do something that's never been done before - moving from personalisation to collaboration will transform how we work in ways that we're just starting to understand."

Looking at the global market, Chambers said the developing world was where most creativity could be found and suggested other geographies such as the US and Europe needed to learn how to tap into it. This shift in thinking was also being applied within the Cisco business.

"I'm a command and control kind of guy so I'm very comfortable saying 'turn right' and 65,000 people turn right," he said. "But that's not the future and we have to change. In the second phase of the Internet, consumers will drive change."

Chambers said visual networking will be the future of unified communications. He predicted 'virtual' meetings will be the primary method of communication with customers within 3-5 years and said this had the ability to change business models.

"The transition will be dramatic in the next decade. The first two years were hard and most people didn't buy in but now it's moving at tremendous speed," he said. "It's all about transitions, and when they occur you either lead or you're left behind."

Brian Corrigan travelled to Hawaii as a guest of Cisco.

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