Iomega boosts capacity of Zip drive

Iomega boosts capacity of Zip drive

Iomega has announced a 250MB version of its Zip disk, increasing by 150 per cent the capacity of current Zip media.

The new disk, called the Zip 250, is based on the Zip 100 platform and can read and write to Zip 100MB disks. However, existing 100MB Zip drives cannot read Zip 250 disks.

"We are seeing an emerging segment of customers that need more capacity," including creative professionals and consumers that are downloading numerous, larger files from the Internet, according to Michael Ludgate, Iomega marketing director for new products.

Iomega is also broadening its reach in other ways, recently announcing that it will make Zip drives for non-PC products, including scanners, printers, and set-top boxes.

The timing of Iomega's release may be fortuitous, as Syquest Technology, its principal competitor, recently announced that it would discontinue operations.

Nevertheless, James Porter, an analyst and president of Disk/Trend, in California, said both companies may be finding that demand for their disk drives is less than they hoped.

The 250MB Zip drive will be available by year's end, and it will be priced at $US199.

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