Wireless Tech ups Frontline Communications

Wireless Tech ups Frontline Communications

Boutique mobility distributor partners with Canada's Audisoft

Boutique mobility distributor, Wireless Tech, has become the first local partner for Canadian-based audio and video vendor, Audisoft. The deal will see it start shipping Audisoft's hands-free wireless and wearable video and audio communication system, Frontline Communicator, from this month.

The Frontline Communicator incorporates a built-in PDA unit based on the Windows CE platform, along with a headset equipped with microphone and video camera. It relays multimedia information via Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, 3G or satellite networks to either a router or another Communicator device in real-time.

Wireless Tech sales and application manager, Eric Gagnaux, said the company found out about Audisoft through its long-term wireless vendor partner, Strix Systems.

"Strix has been a partner of Audisoft's in North America for some time. While Audisoft has resellers and distributors in North America and other markets, they did not have any presence in this part of the world," he said. "They asked Strix what other markets they were in and contacted us that way."

Gagnaux said the Frontline Communicator was complementary to Wireless Tech's broad range of wireless solutions. Its other vendor partners include Tropos Networks, Level One, Alvarion and Colubris Networks.

"It's a good product for us as it suits many markets - the mining sector could be a big opportunity, as are utility companies, government, health and education and training markets," Gagnaux said. "This device could be used for security purposes, or for remote assistance."

As an example, Gagnaux said several users with Frontline Communicators could transmit information via a Wi-Fi network to a central 3G router, which could then display data similarly to a centralised surveillance system (many to one). Alternatively, a Communicator could be directly connected to a network gateway (one to many), or talk to another Communicator device on a one-to-one basis.

Audisoft spokesperson, Gilles Leclerc, said Wireless Tech met its criteria as a knowledgeable, experienced and competent distributor. It also provided feet on the street for the Canadian-based vendor to address increasing inquiries for its products, particularly in the Australian mining sector.

Wireless Tech planned to exhibit the products at the upcoming Wireless World conference this week, Gagnaux said.

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