Facebook for the channel? Wiki ways, iPhone plays

Facebook for the channel? Wiki ways, iPhone plays

His wiki wiki ways:When Wikipedia papa Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales' sex life is big news, you know that either a) it's been a really slow week, or b) Armageddon is fast approaching. But that's what happened after his "ex" went public with the couple's dirty laundry, and I mean that literally. Rachel Marsden, former part-time Fox News Babe, put the clothes that Jimbo left in her New York love pad up for sale on eBay. This was in response to Wales posting a public announcement on his Wikipedia diary that he was not only not having an affair with Ms. Marsden, but that they'd spent a grand total of one night together, a month previous. It was apparently such a night of preternatural bliss, however, that he left without his clothes and Marsden spent the following three weeks doodling "Mrs. Jimmy 'Jimbo' Wales" on her Pee Chee folders.

She also apparently leaked their private IMs and emails to ValleyWag. These led to allegations that Jimbo tweaked Marsden's Wikipedia entry to make her seem like less of a raving lunatic, and that he misused Wikipedia resources for private trips and the like. You mean everything in Wikipedia isn't true, and executives use their travel perks for personal pleasure? Jinkies, Scooby!

True, this has little to do with tech. But it's a lot more interesting than, say, the BSA's legislative priorities. Also worth noting: It's the first time in recorded history where writing an encyclopedia has ever gotten anybody any nookie.

Developers! Developers! Developers! Apple is doing its best to make the iPhone safe for work. Though they missed their February release date, the Cupertino crew has finally released a Software Developers Kit, along with an Exchange app that will finally allow suit and tie types to ditch their Blackberries and come to the Jesus Phone. The SDK is only quasi-open: developers are free to write any iPhone app they want, as long as Apple approves of it first. (So don't hold your breath waiting for that Fox News Babes Go Wild plug in.) Disappointingly, during the announcement Steve Jobs did not prance around on stage soaked in sweat and screaming like a madman (such as in the video). Some people just don't understand marketing.

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