Photoshop for Mac OS X due by May

Photoshop for Mac OS X due by May

Adobe Systems has a version of Photoshop for the Mac OS X slated for release in the first half of the year, is developing a DVD authoring tool and, contrary to what many believe, never supported the prosecution and arrest of Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov, the company's top executive said on Wednesday.

Adobe plans to ship a version of its Photoshop image-editing software for Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system around April or May of this year, CEO and president Bruce Chizen said on Wednesday.

Adobe already has Mac OS X versions of several of its products, including InDesign, Acrobat Reader, Illustrator and After Effects, but users are still waiting for Photoshop. It's likely that the Mac OS X flavour of Photoshop will be version 7 of the product, which hasn't been officially announced yet, Chizen said.

Mac OS X is Apple's latest major overhaul of its operating system.

Meanwhile, responding to what Adobe considers a very fast adoption of DVD products, Chizen said that Adobe plans to release "some time" in 2003 a DVD authoring tool. In the meantime, Adobe is building authoring capabilities for working with DVD content into some of its products, such as Photoshop and After Effects, he added.

Asked to comment about Sklyarov's travails, whose arrest, incarceration and legal problems last year are blamed by some on Adobe, Chizen said his company never sought the Russian programmer's prosecution, and that many critics jumped to conclusions without understanding Adobe's role in the situation.

"It was never about the programmer, but about the company commercialising the product he developed with the sole purpose of stealing other people's intellectual property," he said.

Adobe's interest has always been preventing the sale in the US of the program developed by Sklyarov and sold by his employer, ElcomSoft, a software house based in Moscow, Chizen said. The program, called Advanced eBook Processor, which the company doesn't sell any more, allowed users to remove the copyright protections of Adobe's eBook Reader software and open eBook documents in the less secure Adobe PDF (portable document format), making them easy to copy.

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