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  • 03 September, 2003 13:49

<p>Embarcadero helps enterprises avoid performance downtime and system outages through a faster and more reliable testing approach</p>
<p>Melbourne, Australia. – September 3 2003: Embarcadero Technologies®, Inc.
(NASDAQ: EMBT), a leading provider of application and database lifecycle management solutions, today unveiled Embarcadero® Extreme Test™, a next-generation, goals-based performance testing solution for enterprise systems. Through its timesaving features, innovative approach to test creation, and open, standards-based architecture, Extreme Test enhances application integrity and gives IT professionals greater confidence in deploying and upgrading applications throughout the enterprise. The introduction of Extreme Test represents an important move by Embarcadero to bring an enterprise performance testing and management solution to its loyal following of database tools users throughout the Fortune 500.</p>
<p>Embarcadero Extreme Test uses a goals-based approach to performance testing, allowing performance managers and quality assurance (QA) professionals to not only test the load on a given application, but also to set thresholds and parameters on the test to ensure that the outcome meets all defined requirements. This ability dramatically accelerates the testing process as tests can be aborted once thresholds are exceeded. In addition, Extreme Test's user model editor helps to automatically create more realistic user scenarios, which in turn, help to generate more accurate and meaningful test results.</p>
<p>Leveraging the Extreme Test repository, performance managers and QA professionals can perform detailed historical analysis of test procedures and results, improving processes and helping to make better scenario-based predictions of system performance. This analysis can lead to significant cost savings for the organisation through prevention of performance downtime and outages, as well as identification of under-utilised resources that may render investment in additional IT infrastructure unnecessary. And all Extreme Test functionality can be leveraged through a single, user-friendly interface.</p>
<p>Brian Phillips, chief executive officer for SysTest Labs, said: "Embarcadero Extreme Test is a new way of looking at load testing. The granularity of the tool and the speed with which a load test can be created and executed is fantastic. This tool takes the guesswork out of pinpointing maximum traffic capacity."</p>
<p>Database, application, and system performance and availability have become critical factors directly affecting a company's bottom line. Enterprises are facing increased pressure to deliver enhanced performance for business processes, which is intensified by the growth in data and the increased complexity of application architectures. IT organisations are also seeing an increase in the number of applications that they are required to manage, tighter budgets, and demands for increasing levels of customer service. Embarcadero Extreme Test helps the enterprise address these issues through a single tool by verifying application availability and performance, reducing system stress, identifying under-utilised resources, and ultimately helping to avoid performance downtime and system outages.</p>
<p>Robert Oliphant, vice president of international operations at Embarcadero Technologies, commented: "With Extreme Test, Embarcadero is logically extending its solid foundation in database tools and performance. State of the art Java technology delivering unique product differentiators combined with flexible pricing options provides a value proposition that our loyal client base is simply delighted with."</p>
<p>Wayne Williams, chief technology officer of Embarcadero Technologies, said: "In delivering Extreme Test to the market, Embarcadero sought to raise the bar in the performance testing space in terms of both productivity of the testing professional and reliability of the test results. We started by leveraging the most current, agile, and scalable infrastructure technologies to build upon. We then augmented the approach to testing with a goals-based paradigm, enabling users to specify exactly what 'acceptable performance' means to them before executing a test. In the end, the user is able to significantly cut down on the trial and error so often attributed to performance testing, and deliver results faster and with greater confidence."</p>
<p>Extreme Test's standards-based J2EE-compliant architecture, ease-of-use, and universal workbench for testing, analysing, and reporting make it ideal for ensuring the performance of applications running in heterogeneous enterprise environments. It increases the customer's ability to confidently handle complex tasks by predicting application stability, generating realistic database tests, and safeguarding large-scale installations. Extreme Test is also compatible with Windows, Linux, UNIX, and legacy platforms.</p>
<p>Embarcadero Extreme Test provides significant business and technical benefits:
* Load Model Editor-helps reduce test time and optimise results through goals-based testing.
* User Model Editor-enables the creation of realistic user scenarios, generating more accurate test results.</p>
<p>* Integrated Relational Repository-allows users to share test assets and results, reuse test scripts, and easily perform regression and historical analysis.
* Universal Workbench-allows the user to manage every aspect of the testing cycle - from environment set-up and test creation, to test execution and analysis - from a single interface.
* Database Load Generation-enables simulation of transactions directly against a datasource, allowing users to explicitly test the database component of their application.
* Performance Analysis-allows users to easily identify performance bottlenecks and examine detailed performance metrics by watching test executions in real-time, providing an immediate view into the response of different application layers.
* Wizard-Driven Interfaces-facilitate the execution of key tasks, decreasing the learning curve, and increasing productivity.</p>
<p>Embarcadero Extreme Test is available as a complete solution with no third-party tools required. A repository that captures comprehensive information about every script, device, test definition, and test execution ships with Extreme Test at no additional cost. The repository runs on Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase databases.</p>
<p>About Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies (Nasdaq: EMBT - is a leading provider of software solutions that enable organisations to build, optimise, and manage databases and applications supporting today's critical enterprise systems. Embarcadero Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Its Maidenhead office acts as the principal European sales office. Over 70,000 users currently deploy Embarcadero Technologies' products, including more than 96 of the Fortune 100, to design, develop and administer their mission-critical database applications.</p>
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