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Melbourne IT Safeguards Email and Slashes Hardware Requirements with Cloudmark Authority from eCorner

  • 18 March, 2008 08:18

<p>Since introducing Cloudmark Authority for its premium email subscribers in January this year, Melbourne IT has seen a significant reduction in the amount of e-mail borne threats, including spam, phishing and viruses, making their way to customer inboxes. This enhanced performance has also reduced Melbourne IT’s infrastructure requirements by around 80 per cent, delivering significant cost savings in hardware, power consumption and space requirements which is especially critical for hosting companies and consistent with Melbourne IT’s sustainability strategy.</p>
<p>Melbourne IT went looking for a new email filtering service after experiencing some major service interruptions in mid-2007. The sheer volume of spam has soared in Australia, including wide-spread phishing scams purporting to come from leading Australian banks. In the face of a growing stream of malicious traffic, Melbourne IT found that its existing filtering solution couldn’t process this unwanted volume effectively and efficiently.</p>
<p>Leading ebusiness solutions company, eCorner, recommended Melbourne IT purchase Cloudmark Authority and helped the hosting company to implement an in-house pilot program to test offerings from Cloudmark and a large Internet Security software company last September.</p>
<p>As exclusive distributor of the Cloudmark solutions within Australia and New Zealand, eCorner provided its own technical expertise as well as bringing out a senior solutions architect from Cloudmark in the US to help design and establish the pilot. In order to guarantee an impartial result, Melbourne IT personnel performed the actual testing.</p>
<p>Cloudmark Authority is a carrier-grade solution that delivers the industry's most effective and highest performing anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection, consistently blocking over 98 per cent of inbound and outbound messaging attacks in real time with near zero false positives.</p>
<p>eCorner’s Managing Director, John Debrincat said the Melbourne IT pilot compared Cloudmark Authority head-to-head with the competitor, with conclusive results.</p>
<p>“Both Cloudmark Authority and the competitor filtered the same 10 per cent of the total production message stream through Melbourne IT over seven full days in September 2007, scanning around 1.5 million messages.</p>
<p>“Cloudmark proved much more effective than the other company, stopping 45 per cent of all messages compared to their 26 per cent,” said Mr Debrincat. “The Cloudmark solution reduced traffic to Melbourne IT’s internal MTA and mail store by 19 per cent, had lower False Positives and was able to process the same number of messages in less than half the time required by the competitor.”</p>
<p>“In Australia, there is growing public pressure on both government and service providers to clean up e-mail and stop the onslaught of unwanted and potentially dangerous messages flooding inboxes,” said Michael West, Messaging Product Manager of WebCentral “We are committed to protecting our customers by using the best technology available and found that the high level of accuracy of Cloudmark Authority best met our needs and simultaneously helped us to optimise our infrastructure utilisation. With Cloudmark, we help to ensure that our customers are shielded from e-mail threats and receive the messages they want in a timely fashion. We are proud to be the first provider in Australia to offer this level of service and security.”</p>
<p>Mr Debrincat said Cloudmark’s unique approach to spam and email filtering sets it apart from the competition. “Cloudmark works on a collaborative global network of more than 260 million mailboxes, all of which receive messages in real time and provide instant feedback to the system whenever a new spam message is identified.</p>
<p>“Cloudmark’s Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms and real-time corroborated feedback mechanisms create an in-memory cache of verified fingerprints that is automatically updated and distributed to customers every 45 seconds. This ensures that all email servers are immediately protected, instead of having to wait for a programmer to write a new rule and send it out via an update, as with other companies. As a result, Cloudmark Authority is able to stop email borne threats with over 98 per cent accuracy and near zero false positives,” he said.</p>
<p>“Like every country with high Internet penetration, Australia is facing the problems associated with the global increase in spam, phishing and virus attacks,” said David Somerville, VP of regional sales, Asia Pacific, at Cloudmark. “Unfortunately, while many messaging security providers deliver threat coverage for the U.S. and Europe, coverage in Australia, especially against threats originating in Australia and Asia, has been erratic and unreliable. Cloudmark is the first leading messaging security provider to provide real-time threat data to Australian service providers from reporters in Australia. Melbourne IT is setting the standard for protecting consumers against the proliferation of e-mail threats and we look forward to working closing with them.”</p>
<p>About Cloudmark
Cloudmark, Inc. is a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, delivering the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive and most accurate real-time spam, virus and phishing protection for fixed and mobile networks. Cloudmark solutions combine highly sophisticated Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ technology based on innovative, high-performance algorithms and a Global Threat Network consisting of trusted reporters in 163 countries to provide security intelligence and filtering at all points in the messaging infrastructure. Cloudmark solutions currently protect more than 260 million mailboxes and the company works with more than 90 of the world’s largest service provider and mobile operator networks (including seven of the top 10 in North America), such as EarthLink, Comcast, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, NTT Communications, SprintNextel, Virgin Mobile and Swisscom, as well as hosted messaging providers, including domainFACTORY. Cloudmark is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit</p>
<p>About eCorner Pty Ltd
eCorner™ is a leading provider of eBusiness solutions and messaging security technology. eCorner will help you build and deploy an electronic commerce capability or protect your email infrastructure from malicious spam and phishing. We are the Australia &amp; New Zealand master distributor for ePages™ software and a strategic distribution partner of anti-messaging abuse provider Cloudmark.™</p>
<p>For further information please contact:</p>
<p>John Debrincat
Managing Director, eCorner
Tel: +612 9494 0200</p>
<p>Shuna Boyd
Tel: +612 9418 8100</p>

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