Retail Solutions Briefs: Iomega, Myst, Pumatech

Retail Solutions Briefs: Iomega, Myst, Pumatech

Iomega syncs storage

drives with new software

Iomega has announced the latest version of its QuikSync automatic backup software, which for the first time works with storage drives from other manufacturers.

QuikSync 3 protects users from data loss by automatically mapping specified files or folders to a separate drive. This drive is designated the "sync location" and can be located on third-party read/write network drives, hard drives or removable storage drives as well as Iomega's own drives. QuikSync 3 software also includes tools for automatic backup throughout a network.

The PC version of the software is available now and will retail for $49. Iomega plans a Macintosh version later this year.

Myst III rises for Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released Myst III, the next chapter in the Myst saga and the most anticipated software release for the publisher since the acquisition of the entertainment division of The Learning Company in March.

Myst and its sequel Riven have achieved worldwide sales of more than 10 million, and Ubisoft is confident the new title will mirror that success. The Australian release is set to coincide with that of the US, while Europe will have to wait a few more months before the title is available.

Myst has battled a rough distribution trail in Australia. Ozisoft took up the title following the collapse of Dataflow last year, only to reliquish it to Ubisoft after a few months.

The game will retail for $89.95.

Australian potential

The US, Finland, Iceland, Canada and the Netherlands ranked highest in e-commerce potential among 47 nations, according to the 2001 World E-Commerce and Internet Market Report released by IT research firm Meta Group. The nations were ranked based on the amount of financial transactions they generated, literacy and education rates, market potential, globalisation practices and technological sophistication. Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and New Zealand rounded out the list of the top 10 countries.

Pumatech's prized prowess

Distributor Advanced Portable Technologies (APT) has announced Pumatech's Intellisync Anywhere product which it distributes has been awarded a Mobility Award by a panel of 30 editors, journalists and analysts from the mobile computing and data communications industries. According to APT, the award was based on the software's real-world usability, overall design and engineering excellence.

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