Boxes of Apples walk out the door

Boxes of Apples walk out the door

Supply constraints of Apple's new product lines have left resellers struggling to fill orders, with many not receiving product for more than a month.

But the situation will soon ease with Apple promising that new shipments will arrive during the next week.

"The channel was always aware we were not going to ship the high-end iMac until February but we have received unprecedented orders for the new products and getting products out there in that situation is always a challenge," said Apple corporate affairs manager Myrna Van Pelt.

The situation has left shelves across Australia bare. One Apple reseller contacted by ARN had more than 20 machines on order. But the new G4s and iBook have been shipping since last week, and Apple expects supply of the PowerBook G4 to start flowing this weekend.

"Originally we had said we would be shipping the top-end iMac in late January or early February. We will see the shipment of iMac G4s early next week. We certainly mirror the global pre-orders on that release," Van Pelt said.

"As far as I know we do not have constraints with the G3s," she added.

With the new products in the channel, February looks set to be a bumper month, as long as supply comes through.

"At the moment, stock is as rare as rocking horse shit. It's really hard to get any," said Martin Mulholland from Apple Centre Dee Why. "There has been a huge demand, especially for the new products.

"Whether consumers can get products or not is very dependent on the reseller. Some got in a lot more stock to start with and they have been fine but if you don't have a whole lot, you'll miss out."

Apple anticipates that by next week resellers will have no problems getting supply.

"The problem with Apple is they have these great new products which are selling well," said Cedric Celestine, manager of Apple Centre in Perth. "But with all these changes in their product lines, it is taking a lot of time to get models in."

The situation is the opposite to that of last year, when falling sales left Apple's warehouses full of old stock.

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