Adam creates the Database PC, with 40% margins

Adam creates the Database PC, with 40% margins

If you've been in the PC game for more than a decade or so, you no doubt occasionally reflect on the good old days, when 40 per cent margins were the norm and computers were sold on overall features rather than just the speed of the processor.

So does David Diprose from Adams Computers. That's why the company has introduced the Database PC, a software and hardware package that looks after the two most important factors in business: people and money.

Diprose, who was one of the first NEC and Apple dealers in Australia, believes the system is a new spin on established technology. The idea was formed through his links as an Apple reseller.

The system is designed for organisations that have between five and 20 employees, but can be expanded in the Citrix thin-client environment for up to 300 users. It uses twin hard disks and a CD-writer on a database written in C++ and optimised for customer management applications. Users can view up to 100 fields of information per page. More importantly from a business perspective, the staff needed to manage the system is reduced.

Three products are available: a notebook, a server and a tower product. Prices for the system are between four and ten times less expensive than other systems and resellers can make a tidy profit at the same time, according to Diprose.

"These machines are designed to offer the reseller a 40 per cent profit, which is around 10 times the amount they can earn on a tough computer deal," he told ARN. "That's the way I started in PCs and I have a hell of a lot of nostalgia for the old days.

"It also allows the salesman to offer a professional match to the customer's requirements. It is intended to compensate the reseller for the time spent in discovering the customer's needs."

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