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QNAP Announces QBack-25S

  • 21 February, 2008 16:01

<p>Sydney Australia, February 21 2008 - The leading storage solution provider QNAP Systems, Inc. today introduced the new SATA member QBack-25S to its external hard drive enclosure QBack series. It is an automatic and secure backup solution dedicated to Windows PC users. The exclusive QBack backup software is provided with multiple easy-to-use backup modes: Auto-sync Backup, Schedule Backup, Instant Backup, and One touch button Backup. Moreover, AES 256-bit encryption is provided for users who have a high demand for secure data protection. QBack also supports Instant Restore function; users can restore data to the original or specified directories in a few clicks.</p>
<p>According to Mr. Kieren Kemm, Bluehip IT Product Manager for QNAP, "QBack-25S is a no-ordinary external backup enclosure. With the award-winning QBack software, all data copy and restoration are done automatically in a few clicks. There is no need to drag and drop the files as the common backup enclosure does. The smart capacity detection feature calculates the size of the files to be backed up and the free space on the drive of QBack-25S. Therefore, users can fully utilize the storage space on the device. Another unbeatable feature of QBack is the intelligent error handling during the backup and restoration process. The device cleverly skips any error files to guarantee all other files are backed up successfully. Users can refer to the event logs and check the files that are not copied to ensure no file is missed. Unlike general external enclosures that the entire backup will be cancelled when an error file is found, QBack guarantees successful backup and the highest degree peace of mind." QBack brings extra values to users with highly convenient-to-use design and ultra data protection by AES data encryption.</p>
<p>The Auto-sync Backup function of QBack enables automatic backup of data in users' computer drives, as well as My Documents, Desktop, Fonts, and Favorites (IE bookmarks). All the data will be mirrored to QBack device in real-time. Schedule Backup supports daily, weekly, or monthly schedule backup of selected files and folders. Instant Backup is a powerful function for immediate backup of all selected files. The mail data, contacts, and notes etc. of Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Windows Mail can all be backed up. In addition, QBack-25S supports intelligent one touch button copy. Users can simply press the button on the device and all the files and folders specified in Instant Backup are copied in a flash.</p>
<p>QBack-25S adopts the most secure AES 256-bit data encryption for data protection. The hard disk can be partitioned to Public Disk and Secure Disk. The data copied to the Secure Disk is securely protected by the AES 256-bit data encryption and is only accessible with authorized password. In terms of hardware protection, the shock-proof design protects the hard drive of QBack-25S from unintentional dropping or shock impacts. This ensures longer life span of the hard drive and guarantees more durable data protection. In addition, with QBack Instant Restore function, users can restore data to the original or specified directories. In other words, QBack enables users to restore how the data look before they are backed up. QBack provides an intelligent function that users can specify the action to take when a restore file is different from the original file, e.g., skip the file and continue, and restore all files regardless of the differences. All in all, QBack-25S brings superior backup experience for users who seek convenient, secure, and high performance data backup.</p>
<p>Product Summary <br/>
Manufacturer: QNAP <br/>
Model Name: RRP: $79 <br/>
Distributed by : Bluechip InfoTech <br/>
Cair Centre: 1300 72 74 74</p>
<p>QBack-25S Features <br/>
- Hands-free and real-time automatic file backup (one-way synchronization) through the powerful QBack auto-backup software installed on PC/notebook <br/>
- Multiple choices of backup modes: Auto-Backup, Schedule backup, Instant backup, and One-Touch-Button (OTB) backup<br/>
- Incremental backup feature for all modes, only modified files and newly created files on computer will be backed up to save time <br/>
- Smart detection of backup file size and available storage capacity on the disk to ensure successful backup <br/>
- Optional 2.5" SATA hard disk required <br/>
- Back up all files in computer including all mails in Outlook &amp; Outlook Express, Fonts*, My Documents, My Favorites and Desktop<br/>
- *Outlook &amp; Outlook Express mails and Fonts can be backed up in Schedule and Instant backup only <br/>
- Advanced data encryption technology (AES 256-bit) to make sure the backup data is securely protected at all times <br/>
- Anti-shock design to prevent the HDD from unintentional drop damage <br/>
- The hard disk can be partitioned into 2 disks: Public and Secure disk by Quick Install Wizard <br/>
- USB 2.0 interface for faster backup file transfer <br/></p>
<p>PR Contact
Renato Catalan
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd</p>

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