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Kaseya Announces Milestone Next Generation Framework for IT Automation with Support for Intel® vPro™ Processor Technology, User

  • 06 March, 2008 10:27

<p><i>Newly Architected Software Includes API for Easier Third Party Integrations and Improved Service Desk Support</i></p>
<p>ST. HELIER, JERSEY, March 5, 2008 — Kaseya, a global provider of information technology (IT) automation software for IT solution providers and corporate IT organisations, today announced Kaseya 2008, the next generation framework of Kaseya’s IT automation software. Delivering on the promise made to customers at its user conference in April 2007, Kaseya 2008 is the most comprehensive release of the software to date. It includes technology that supports Macintosh OS X, user state management, Intel® vPro™ processor technology and enables customers’ “green IT” initiatives. It also delivers an application programming interface (API) that makes it easier for technology partners and other third parties to tightly integrate their software with the Kaseya framework for improved service to common customers.</p>
<p>“Kaseya 2008 is newly architected to deliver maximum scalability – up to 5,000 machines – while providing unbeatable automated IT service functionality. This gives IT organisations and managed service providers the tools they need to properly ensure IT services support the business. Whether it’s a policy enforcement issue, a power management challenge or a cross-platform management need, Kaseya wants to be the core framework providing automated IT services,” said Gerald Blackie, CEO, Kaseya.</p>
<p><u>Support for Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor with vPro™ Processor Technology</u><br/>
Kaseya 2008 supports Intel vPro technology extending the functionality and ability of the Kaseya framework to manage machines equipped with the Intel Core2 Duo Processor with vPro™ processor technology. Together Kaseya and Intel vPro technology give managed service providers (MSPs) and IT administrators the ability to work remotely off-hours and manage out-of-band machines by controlling the on/off power of all machines to provide routine IT services.</p>
<p>“Intel shares Kaseya’s commitment to providing IT organisations and MSPs with the tools they need to successfully manage their IT infrastructures,” said C.J. Bruno, director, Intel Americas Marketing. “Using Kaseya to manage Intel® vPro™ technology-enabled machines gives customers increased control and security when managing their PC hardware investments.”</p>
<p>“We are thrilled about the new features that Kaseya 2008 brings to the table, especially the addition of the vPro functionality,” said Wes Herschberger, CEO for MapleTronics Computers, Inc. “The ability to remotely power on and remote boot machines will further reduce the amount of time spent driving off-site, consequently enabling us to remotely work off-hours and reduce the amount of down time our clients experience. These features save time and money for us and for our clients.”</p>
<p><u>Kaseya User State Management (KUSM)</u><br/>
The Kaseya 2008 IT automation framework integrates the technology assets from Versora, the company Kaseya acquired in June 2007, to deliver the Kaseya User State Management (KUSM) module. This integration increases user productivity by delivering the ability for IT professionals and MSPs to remotely deploy the migration of operating systems, hardware or application upgrades while preserving user customisations and machine “personalities.” This helps maintain productivity and consistency across an organisation and enforce corporate standards and policies, such as power and printer policy.</p>
<p>“As Microsoft Vista is put through its paces, we need to be prepared for customers who may choose to upgrade to the new operating system,” said Jim Lancaster, chief technology officer for Sagiss, LLC, an IT managed service provider in Irving, Texas. “The Kaseya User State Management module allows us to easily migrate our customers to Microsoft Vista, or any other software for that matter. We can now more rapidly configure and deploy new systems, increasing our productivity while improving turnaround time and customer service levels.”</p>
<p><u>Green IT</u><br/>
Applying the Intel vPro technology and the KUSM functionality available with Kaseya 2008 gives businesses a way to address power management and support any “green computing” initiatives at the client level vs. simply within the datacentre. By leveraging the Intel capability to power up and power down machines and KUSM’s ability to establish and enforce policy settings, IT has the control it needs to enforce any corporate social responsibility policies without compromising systems management and IT services or staff productivity levels.</p>
<p>In addition, Kaseya continues to support the IT managed service business model which itself promotes the green initiative through the use of remote IT management. By remotely managing IT assets, there is a reduced need to drive to customer sites to manually repair, update and inventory machines. Less drive time contributes to an overall reduction in the carbon footprint.</p>
<p>“Kaseya 2008 provides the power management tools necessary to minimise environmental impact and maximise power consumption value,” said Steve Brasen, analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “The customisable solution allows businesses to craft policies most appropriate to their IT requirements to enable truly green computing.”</p>
<p><u>Mac OS Support</u><br/>
As an increasing number of Macintosh machines make their way into the business environment, IT departments and IT managed service providers are challenged with the need to manage a cross-platform environment and deliver the same service levels the customer expects in a single-platform infrastructure. Kaseya 2008 delivers the Kaseya Mac Agent and extends its remote, automated systems management capabilities to include Mac OS support for consistent and reliable service levels for the entire IT system. The addition of Mac OS support is the first of several agent releases to come from Kaseya which will further extend its platform support.</p>
<p>“Kaseya 2008 is leaps and bounds beyond anything the competition is offering today,” said Ted Swanson, IT Solutions. “With the enhanced scalability, we can ensure our customers that we will grow with them. Kaseya 2008 even meets our need to support the Mac OS so that we can fulfill the service level agreements for our customers who have cross platform IT environments.”</p>
<p><u>Kaseya API</u><br/>
The Kaseya API exposes Kaseya functionality associated with service desk and asset management and helps to more tightly integrate service desk processes with third party professional service automation and customer relationship management solutions. The Kaseya API is accessible as a Web service and data is exchanged via XML. The Web service login is encrypted using the same method employed by the standard login page for the Kaseya Web user interface.</p>
Kaseya has continued to upgrade the core framework and modules based on user feedback. In addition to the addition functionality cited above, Kaseya 2008 features enhancements for Patch Management, Real-time Monitoring, Administrator Security, Audit, and Remote Control. It also has improved the Kaseya End Point Security and Backup and Disaster Recovery modules.</p>
<p>Kaseya 2008 will be available before the end of March. Please contact your sales representative or regional Kaseya office with any questions or email</p>
<p>Kaseya now has over 150 customers in Australia and New Zealand only one year after its launch in Australia in Mar 2007. It also won the CRN’s editor’s choice award in 2007.</p>
<p><b>About Kaseya</b><br/>
Kaseya is a global provider of IT automation software for IT Solution Providers and Public and Private Sector IT organisations. Kaseya’s IT Automation Framework allows IT Professionals to proactively monitor, manage and maintain distributed IT infrastructure remotely, easily and efficiently with one integrated Web based platform. Kaseya’s technology is licensed on over three million machines worldwide. For a free 30 day trial of the Kaseya solution, please visit</p>

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