Compaq execs stress the quest for the enterprise

Compaq execs stress the quest for the enterprise

Compaq executives have reiterated their company's aim to dominate in virtually every realm of an Internet-connected enterprise and world.

Speaking via remote video connection at the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference held here, Compaq's chief executive officer Eckhard Pfeiffer and its vice president of business intelligence and database technology, John Nicholson, stated their company's plans for the future.

"We intend to define the computing paradigm of the 21st century," Nicholson said in his keynote address.

The company will accomplish this with a strategy built with elements that are becoming familiar chestnuts to Compaq watchers: clustered systems connected to Fibre Channel storage technology; 64-bit computing by way of Alpha processors and ultimately IA-64; optimisation of mixed NT (including Windows 2000) and Unix environments; a range of direct and indirect channel avenues; and the full exploitation of Digital technology and services groups.

"Compaq has dramatically increased its ability to deliver these enterprise solutions with the acquisition of Digital," Pfeiffer said.

To demonstrate its grasp of a range of technologies, Compaq demonstrated a cluster of Xeon-powered ProLiant servers and attached Fibre Channel storage - configured using the Virtual Interface Architecture and Tandem's ServerNet network controllers - running distributed instances of Oracle8i parallel server, as well as Windows NT.

The underpinnings

Such clustered designs, processing power, and high-speed cluster and storage connectivity will provide the underpinnings of the coming Internet-connected enterprise, according to Compaq.

"There is now a planetary scale of integrated enterprise computing environments," well beyond the notion of server closets, LANs, and independent data centres, Nicholson said.

Nicholson also underscored Compaq's burgeoning network of direct sales and service options by demonstrating Compaq's activeAnswers, the company's online configurator and community of its IT customers, which was launched in July.

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