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Extreme Networks provides energy savings with its revolutionary Go Green network solution

  • 03 March, 2008 15:34

<p>March 3, 2008 - Extreme Networks® today announced that its Go Green network solutions can help reduce the carbon footprint of enterprise businesses by dramatically reducing electricity usage of network connected devices, including IP phones, resulting in potential energy savings between 50 and 75 percent compared to current solutions.</p>
<p>The new solution, built with Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS® Universal Port Automation software, features the intelligence to automatically power down connected IP phones when they are not in use. This solution offers the potential for significant cost and environmental savings.</p>
<p>"Enterprise organisations are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and the Go Green solution from Extreme Networks is a unique and key component in managing the edge of the network," said Phillip Park, vice president of Asia-Pacific for Extreme Networks, Inc. "Through the automated power-down of a set of connected IP phones that would not be in use at night or weekends by employees or students anyway, organisations can save both energy and money."</p>
<p>Extreme Networks® Go Green solution is easy to manage and provides the speeds required by today's bandwidth intensive users. Once the edge policies have been created and the power saving criteria chosen, the ExtremeXOS® Universal Port Automation powers off the IP handsets or other connected devices, such as IP cameras or 802.11 based Wireless LAN Access Points (APs), outside of these time boundaries, resulting in power savings on both the switch ports and the phones themselves.</p>
<p>For a typical company with 200 non-essential IP phones that are powered down outside of normal office hours by the Go Green solution between 5:00 pm each evening and restarting at 9:00 am each morning, there can be a 75 percent reduction in costs associated with running network connected IP phones.</p>
<p>Extreme Networks products offer secure, highly available connectivity for voice, video and data. Its high performance fast Ethernet Summit® series switches used as the backbone to the Go Green solution are based on its revolutionary ExtremeXOS, a highly resilient, modular operating system that can provide high performance, manageability and operational efficiency at an affordable price.</p>
<p>The Tolly Group Tests Show that the BlackDiamond® 8810 Switch Consumes Significantly Less Power in Comparison to similar Cisco and Foundry switches</p>
<p>Enterprises which are seeking Green IT solutions for the network LAN backbone, aggregation portion and for data server farms should review a recent test report showcasing how Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR) BlackDiamond® 8810 switch consumes less electrical power under various conditions and traffic loads when compared to modular LAN switching systems from Foundry Networks and Cisco.</p>
<p>Core Ethernet switches serve as the foundation for high speed data, bandwidth intensive enterprise applications, server farm aggregation and convergence. Operating on a 24x7 basis, the right core switches can support Green initiatives and cost savings through low power consumption, as electricity is saved from more efficient operation and design. This can result in annual cost savings while promoting a greener environment, with a reduced carbon footprint for organisations.</p>
<p>Recent tests recently performed by The Tolly Group clearly articulate the differences found with leading modular switches. The comprehensive power evaluation of switching systems demonstrates that Extreme Network® BlackDiamond® 8810 consumes 3.4X less power than Cisco's Catalyst 6509 switch and 2X less than Foundry Networks Big Iron RX-16 switch, when similarly configured and passing data traffic. Over a period of five years using Extreme Networks solution, cost savings can be up to $5,000 per switch, based on the US national average price for commercial electricity, as reported November 2007. Extreme Networks provided the greenest, most energy efficient chassis of the three switches evaluated.</p>
<p>The Tolly reports can be directly accessed by visiting the Internet:</p>
<p>Enterprises are seeking power efficient network infrastructure to build their LAN backbones and distribution infrastructure as the cost and availability of power are becoming major considerations in the design of next generation network environments. Furthermore, IT managers expect and require that their drive for power-efficient infrastructure does not compromise on the critical features that are required within LAN switches. Extreme Networks solution portfolio can meet both needs.</p>
<p>The Extreme Networks solutions provide highly available, convergence-ready networks. Extreme Networks enhances its switching portfolio with an intelligent, edge to core modular operating system, ExtremeXOS, in addition to advanced traffic management functions providing Quality of Service (QoS) and integrated security functionality. This results in versatile, feature rich performance for the convergence of voice, video and data on a single network.</p>
<p>"Customers are seeking not only performance and reliability but also power efficient Green solutions to underpin their network infrastructure, and as a result they turn to Extreme Networks" said Paul Hooper, chief marketing officer for Extreme Networks. "The recent Tolly Group tests confirm how our BlackDiamond switch can deliver power efficiency compared to leading competitors. This helps enterprises meet their goal of a cost-effective, responsive and environment friendly network infrastructure."</p>
<p>About The Tolly Group
The Tolly Group is a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products, components and services. For more information on The Tolly GroupA¢a‚¬a„¢s premier independent test lab, visit</p>
<p>Extreme Networks, Inc.
Extreme Networks designs, builds, and installs Ethernet infrastructure solutions that solve the toughest business communications challenges. The Company's commitment to open networking sets us apart from the alternatives by delivering meaningful insight and unprecedented control to applications and services. Extreme Networks believes openness is the best foundation for growth, freedom, flexibility, and choice. Extreme Networks focus on enterprises and service providers who demand high performance, converged networks that support voice, video and data, over a wired and wireless infrastructure. For more information, visit:</p>
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