WRQ opens up its channel

WRQ opens up its channel


WRQ Software has opened up the channel sales model for its emulation products (the Reflection series), appointing its first specialist distributor and holding discussions for the appointment of a broad-based distributor.

For the last 20 years, WRQ has sold its emulation products exclusively through Kanbay (formerly Megatec). But late last year, WRQ appointed a specialist value-added distributor named Aquion. The company employs around four or five staff who deal exclusively with WRQ product. Audrey Lyon, general manager of WRQ Software Australia/NZ, said she sees Aquion as an "outsourced sales arm" that provides specialist help to complex implementations.

Kanbay will remain a premium reseller partner and will maintain a direct relationship with WRQ. Lyon said Kanbay is now focusing on the sale of security products, but will continue to serve the healthy WRQ client base it built up over the last few decades.

The vendor is now looking to open up its distribution model even further with the appointment of a channel manager and discussions with several broad-based distributors. Lyon said she is in talks with "the usual suspects" and the distributor that is appointed will largely depend on "which distributors look like they will manage to stay afloat."

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