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New NetApp Storevault S550 Provides Midmarket Customers with Enterprise-Level Storage and Application Integration

  • 25 February, 2008 12:34

<p>AUSTRALIA, Sydney.—February 25, 2008—NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today unveiled the StoreVault S550, the latest addition to the StoreVault family of network storage appliances that is customised for the midmarket. Today’s announcement further strengthens the StoreVault offering by providing one of the most complete and feature-rich packaging of enterprise storage technology solutions focused on helping manage and streamline IT tasks in growing businesses.</p>
<p>The StoreVault S550 is ideal for mid-size companies that are expanding and looking for their storage technology to grow with them. The S550 builds upon its predecessor, the StoreVault S500, with 12TB of storage capacity. Scalability is simple and allows customers to scale without disrupting their applications or users.</p>
<p>StoreVault is also announcing Microsoft® application integration for the StoreVault S550 and the StoreVault S500 with the introduction of SnapManager® for SQL Server™ StoreVault Edition software. This enables NetApp Snapshot™ technology to be applied to SQL Server data hosted on StoreVault, providing peace-of-mind security and dependability with the industry’s best implementation of point-in-time recovery with no performance impact.</p>
<p>“SnapManager for SQL Server and StoreVault has done wonders to make our storage process much more efficient and effective,” said Josh Huisken, IT manager, Intense Lighting. “The amount of time that it saves us when creating backups is pretty incredible. With our previous technology, it took at least a couple of hours to back up just five or six gigabytes of data. SnapManager for SQL Server has completely changed that, taking just seconds to process the same job. The time savings is crucial for the business and has allowed me to devote more time and resources to other important IT matters.”</p>
<p>“The StoreVault S550 helps midmarket companies operate and act more like an enterprise thanks to increased storage capacity as well as enterprise-level reliability and features,” said Sajai Krishnan, general manager of the StoreVault division. “Furthermore, with deepened Microsoft integration for StoreVault solutions, SQL Servers can now be completely and safely backed up and restored in a very short period of time, which is further proof of our ongoing commitment to providing enterprise-grade technology to our midmarket customers. Additionally, we are also seeing interest in StoreVault solutions for the remote offices of large companies who like its price-performance, ease-of-use and stability.”</p>
<p>The increased storage capacity of the StoreVault S550 is the result of a new chassis that supports 750GB and 1TB drives, with the ability to scale to 12TB. The added storage capacity allows continued support of server virtualisation, a technology that is key in enabling midmarket firms to realise increased data centre efficiency. The larger capacity also complements the StoreVault S300 by providing a larger target for replication tasks from remote offices.</p>
<p>With the new SnapManager for SQL Server StoreVault Edition, SQL Server databases can be backed up and recovered in seconds and optionally replicated for disaster recovery. In fact, StoreVault Snapshot copies take only a fraction of a second to perform, have zero performance overhead, and can be utilised for up to 255 copies. SnapManager for SQL Server StoreVault Edition is another example of StoreVault’s commitment to providing deeper integration with the most common and mission-critical applications in the midmarket.</p>
<p>Price and Availability
StoreVault S550 recommended retail pricing starts at AUD $8540 ex GST with 1tb storage, windows file share, SnapRestore and a one year warranty. The StoreVault S550 is available immediately in Australia from authorized StoreVault VARs. Pricing is available directly from StoreVault VARs. For more information on StoreVault and its complete line of SMB solutions, visit</p>
<p>About NetApp
NetApp is a leading provider of innovative data management solutions that simplify the complexity of storing, managing, protecting, and retaining enterprise data. Market leaders around the world choose NetApp to help them reduce cost, minimise risk, and adapt to change. For solutions that deliver unmatched simplicity and value, visit us on the Web at</p>
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