Digital outlines corporate strategy

Digital outlines corporate strategy

Flanked by spectacular photos of pillars of gas and dust in space taken by Digital-powered cameras in the Hubbell Space Telescope, Bruce Claflin, Digital's senior vice president, outlined the company's corporate strategy in the wake of its settlement with Intel (see ARN November 5, page 18).

"Digital's growth strategy and mission is Internet business solutions," said Claflin, also Digital's general manager of worldwide sales and marketing.

To this end, Claflin said, Digital will refocus on its global support and communications networks, in addition to manufacturing a variety of high-powered computers using both Alpha and Intel chips, and the OpenVMS, Windows NT, and Digital Unix operating systems.

Claflin said a "pervasive information infrastructure, using a wide variety of client-like devices" will form the enterprise landscape in the near future.

The advent of Internet commerce will underpin the new paradigm, Claflin said.

He outlined several technologies essential to Digital's "new computing model", including Web browsers and the Java programming language, Web-enabled applications and universal standards and Internet protocols.

Claflin's colleague, Jesse Lipcon, vice president of Digital's Unix and OpenVMS systems business unit, spoke about the Digital hardware that would power the company's aims. Lipcon said that turning over the production of the Alpha processor to Intel would accelerate its development.

He also said that Digital's improvements in non-uniform memory architecture (NUMA), "fiber-optic extension cords" between nodes and an impending agreement with a European supercomputing company will all be components of Digital's information infrastructure in the future.

Digital's improvements to its Memory Channel clustering technology, which he called "NUMA done right", will raise the number of nodes currently allowed from four nodes to 16 and, ultimately, to 256.

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