Hitachi claims world's fastest hard drive

Hitachi claims world's fastest hard drive


Hitachi announced yesterday its new disk drive, the DK3E1, claiming it to be the fastest hard disk drive worldwide.

The new drive has a 9.2GB capacity and has speeds of up to 12,000 rotations per minute (rpm), the company said. It operates with an average read seek time of 5 milliseconds by using a 2.5in media within the drive, said Hitachi.

Designed for high-performance applications, the drive works with disk array and server systems that store and manage massive amounts of information for online transaction processing, data mining and high-end audio and visual applications, the company said in a statement.

Other features of the DK3E1 drive include: tagged command queuing, multi-input, multi-output processing; Hitachi MR heads; EPRML read channel electronics and embedded servos.

Production of the DK3E1T-91 LW (Ultra-2 SCSI, WIDE), the DK3ET-91 LC (Ultra-2 SCSI, SCA-2) are scheduled for September and the DK3E1T-91 FC (Fibre Channel) for October.

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