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Compro TV Tuners now come bundled with Vista/MCE remotes! A World First!

  • 15 February, 2008 14:43

<p>Anyware Computer Accessories is pleased to announce the release of the new range of Compro VideoMate Vista TV tuners which come bundled with Microsoft certified Vista/MCE remote controls and MPEG-2 encoders to allow you to easily watch and record digital TV shows in Vista Premium/Ultimate Media Centres. Furthermore, VideoMate Vista TV tuners provide 1080i HDTV-quality TV viewing and recording functionalities; experiencing entertainment on your Windows Vista Media Centre has never been so easy or enjoyable.</p>
<p>The E650F and E800F are hybrid digital and analogue PCI-Express TV/FM tuner cards. The PCI-E interface ensures lightening-fast performance and responsiveness. The E800F features a powerful real-time hardware MPEG-2 processor which provides excellent video quality with minimum CPU usage. Both tuners support 480i/576i component video input.</p>
<p>The T500F and T750F are hybrid digital and analogue PCI TV/FM tuner cards. The T750F is a dual tuner which allows you to watch digital and analogue TV simultaneously.</p>
<p>The U100 is a USB 2.0 digital TV tuner stick. The U2800F is a USB 2.0 hybrid digital and analogue TV/FM tuner stick. Both tuners enable you to watch and record TV on your laptop and are bundled with a credit card-style MCE remote.</p>
<p>All VideoMate Vista TV tuners are accompanied by the new ComproDTV 4 software which features Vista Gadget, MCE add-in and allows you to integrate scheduling lists from MCE. The software supports Compro-exclusive power-up scheduled recording which enables your PC to turn on to record a show of your choice and then turn off once done, video desktop which allows you to set live TV as your wallpaper and straight-to-disc recording (to VCD and DVD). The Vista Gadget tool enables you to watch live TV directly on your Vista sidebar and to check schedules and playback lists.</p>
<p>The T500F, T750F, U100 and U2800F are all available for purchase now. The E650F and E800F will be available for purchase at the end of March. More Compro VideoMate Vista TV tuners are to follow in the coming months.</p>
<p>The T500F retails for $129 AUD. The T750F retails for $157 AUD.
The U100 retails for $85.00. The U2800F retails for $145 AUD.
The E6500F will retail for $118 AUD. The E800F will retail for $205 AUD.</p>
<p>Anyware is a wholesaler and does not sell directly to the public.</p>
<p>Distributed by Anyware Computer Accessories
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