RAM images move forward: a bygone era comes to a close

RAM images move forward: a bygone era comes to a close

If Paris can be said to be a moveable feast, surely we can find sustenance at the coalface of our own, more familiar, home fires. With all due respect to the left-handed brigade, most resellers and other value-adding types are quick to look elsewhere for standard innovations. And as surely as those home fires spit off their hopeful sparks, they are summarily extinguished with dampened rags wielded by feeble minds. Pity them, as you pity the jockey who knows not where his horse has gone.

A change is long overdue. Let the Americans carve their elaborate pieces of wood! Let the Japanese mould exotic shapes from lard and other animal fats! Let the "Europeans" sing their simple folk songs! While they are doing these things, we will be sitting by, quietly tending the garden. Pruning here, watering there, trodding where trodding is necessary. If this is the recipe for success, then let indigenous chefs be the first to test the broth.

Still, this is not to suggest there is nothing to be gained from engaging in a bit of the old "fencer's prance". Indeed, we can profit from others' mistakes, even as we weep and sob with them in redemptive duplicity. Those pity merchants who brand this as insouciant are advised to consider the experiences of Hannibal in The Alps. In other words, that which may seem unwise in the cold light of day, may soon crumble like a house of cards once the cruel winds blow. Think about it.

And on to other thoughts . . .

As the Federal Government endeavours to assemble what can only be considered a tactical approach to the general public's random concerns, the rest of us are left wondering what we can do to get on with the business at hand.

Now don't get me wrong, I accept the legal and logical extensions of living in a free society, but when said "extensions" begin to impinge on overall mass and productivity, it may be time to change the old lock for something fresher.

And what do they think about all of this over in the "neither-nor" camp? What say they? As usual, the responses have been few and far between, and those who have lifted their head above the hedgerow have done so only in full view of other - less frivolous - contenders. If it is hoped this will achieve the standard result, then let it be said I am of the belief that only small, spindly things come from such inauspicious surroundings. That said, hindsight is 20-20, with things in the distance sometimes looking larger than they appear. All the best!

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