Microsoft launches Vista Fact or Fiction quiz for OEMs

Microsoft launches Vista Fact or Fiction quiz for OEMs

Microsoft looks to educate PC builders through a quiz site.

Microsoft Australia has launched a Windows Vista "Fact or Fiction" sales scenario quiz site aimed at training purposes for local OEM channel partners.

According to the Web site, entrants must be a local OEM Channel Partner, including "resellers and system builders who resell other branded hardware (PCs and Servers) with Microsoft OEM Licenses or who build hardware to sell directly to end customers."

Entrants must answer a series of questions relating to Vista's features compared to previous Windows operating systems, sales scenarios, and Vista hardware/software compatibility "myths".

Completion of the quiz enters participants into a draw to win a $15,000 entertainment package, or one of five Xbox 360 Pros.

Each entrant receives a Windows Vista Advisor polo shirt and a certificate of completion. The Silverlight browser plugin must be installed in order to run Fact or Fiction.

The quiz opens with a series of myths that participants are asked to 'bust', such as:

  • whether Vista has significant hardware and software compatibility issues
  • whether Vista delivers all new levels of security compared to previous Windows operating systems
  • whether Vista is expensive to deploy and run
  • whether Vista has or hasn't been popular with businesses
  • whether Vista requires more technical support than XP

Wrong answers are invariably those that cast any sort of negative shadow over Vista's popularity, compatibility or cost, and result in the prompting of participants to revise their responses.

The Fact or Fiction questions are followed by a series of videos of users requiring advice on which version of Vista will address their specific needs.

Participants are required to select the most important technical features each user would need and recommend the appropriate version of Vista.

As the "Fact or Fiction" quiz is aimed at OEMs, Microsoft was unable to provide Computerworld with a spokesperson to comment publicly on the quiz.

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