Seeing blue, music security anew

Seeing blue, music security anew

Porn to Run:Makers of blue movies may soon be making Blu movies - as in Blu-ray - following the apparent collapse of the HD-DVD format after major defections by Warner and Paramount. Though the skin flicks slicks were early HD-DVD supporters, they've announced they're perfectly willing to swing either way. (Why am I not surprised?) Personally I think watching adult films in HD is like that old line about making laws and sausages - you really don't want to know the intimate details. Sometimes a little Vaseline on the lens is a good thing.

More Sony baloney:Like film studios abandoning HD-DVD, music industry rats are leaving the DRM ship before it sinks. The latest vermin to beat a retreat is Sony BMG, which recently announced Platinum MusicPass, a scheme that makes DRM look positively brilliant by comparison. MusicPass gives users the opportunity to download one of 37 DRM-free albums from Sony's music store - provided you first go into a retail outlet and spend $US13 on a scratch card that provides a code to unlock the tunes. Sure, I'll do that - the day monkeys fly out of my behind.

Something Wikia this way comes:It's unanimous: the new Wikia search engine sucks. Hey, if you don't believe me, ask its creator, Jimmy Wales. After the would-be Google competitor debuted to scathing reviews, Wales himself weighed in and admitted that the thing would continue to gulp air while Wikiapedophiles worked to make it better. Give him points for honesty. The day I hear a Microsoft product manager say one of its products sucks is the day monkeys ... well, you know the rest.

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