Schoolgirls protest: ‘We Love IT'

Schoolgirls protest: ‘We Love IT'

Schoolgirls around the nation have held mass protests after IT training company Common Tech Education decided to abandon attempts to attract young women to the IT industry.

"We love IT," said Sandy Ponsonby-Smythe, a year 10 student at Sacred Heart Proper Young Ladies Grammar (SHPYLG). "I love local, metropolitan and wide area networks. I'd much rather be sitting at home until 4am testing the latest Linux OS than going to the movies."

Common Tech Education director Stephen Rose defended the move, suggesting the firm had received such a positive response from male students and so few expressions of interest from female students that future recruiting campaigns at girls high schools were considered a waste of time.

"Women tend to come to the IT industry a little later in their careers, as they prefer to have some sort of social life during their late teens and early twenties," he said. "We have found young men much more appropriate - they showed a high level of interest when we pitched them the latest campaign - ‘Geeks get chicks'."

Progressive women's groups reacted with anger.

"This is blatant sexism," said a woman with a shaved head who wished not to be named in our masculine-dominated fascist publication. "I blame everyone. EVERYONE!"

Rose rejected the sexism claims, saying he had to be realistic when approaching future employees. "Common Tech is dedicated to equal opportunity employment," he said. "That's why we have receptionists."

"This is outrageous," said Ponsonby-Smythe. "I just invented an XML schema that makes ebXML look like a cheap alternative to EDI. But who pays attention? At this rate I'll end up working for some technologically indifferent organisation with no idea about the real implications of the technological revolution, like maybe the Federal Government."

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