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phantomEye launches low cost SMB car & motorcycle GPS surveillance service

  • 02 February, 2008 16:37

<p>*Tracking Solutions Service for Small Businesses and Private Consumer (family car or boat) Use</p>
<p>w w w . p h a n t o m e y e . c o m
Media Contacts: Terry Quinn 0439 710 048 or Ken Stokes on 0400 429 009</p>
<p>Australian GPS surveillance specialist phantomEye today launches its most advanced, yet inexpensive, GPS car &amp; motor cycle tracking service designed specifically for the mid range small business, car rental and consumer market.</p>
<p>· The low cost, PDA , mobile phone or laptop budget solution includes a world standard Trimble TrimTrac Locator for under $600 with ongoing GPS tracking costs at just 32.3 cents per day for a parked vehicle and between 32.3 and 70 cents a day when the vehicle is on the move. The cost includes SIM card charges. (This compares to competitive services who charge around $1.35 a day and more, regardless if the vehicle is moving or not – a real cost problem for rental companies whose vehicles spend most of the time sitting in a parking lot.)</p>
<p>PRESS RELEASE: Sydney: Immediate Release::Australian Global Satellite Tracking, Monitoring and Surveillance specialist phantomEye, today announced the first release of a new Car and Motor Cycle GPS Security Tracking System.</p>
<p>The service to be marketed to Australian small businesses such as fleet owners, car and motorcycle hire companies and for private use is claimed to deter speeding, vehicle misuse, and vehicle theft.</p>
<p>According to phantomEye Chairman Ken W. Stokes the key benefit of this monitoring solution will be security “peace of mind” - the knowledge that your vehicles are monitored, tracked, and locatable, 24 hours a day – “and doing what they are supposed to be doing.”</p>
<p>For commercial use, the new system offers on-device exclusion zones which can be set and monitored, allowing fleet owners/hire car operators to track vehicle misuse such as un-authorized trips which are then immediately notified to user control via SMS and e-mail.</p>
<p>“phantomEye has 1 Hz GPS position reporting – that is the vehicle is tracked right up to the point before it goes inside a tunnel or an undercover car park.”</p>
<p>Tracking Unit can be polled: from website / mobile phone - allowing access to position on-demand
Last 1024 positions recorded on device: if required the unit can be queried for in-motion positions not sent to the web site.
Store and forward: the unit stores locations when moving in GSM black out areas; with all stored messages sent upon re-entering GSM coverage.
phantomEye provides worldwide coverage
Full customisation is available with various monitoring capabilities (open door, panic button, etc.) and control capabilities (sounding horn, immobilising vehicle, unlocking doors, etc.)
Control capabilities are available from the mobile phone or PC.</p>
<p>“The user can change the upper speed threshold and can optionally change mode from start/stop based tracking to continuous every 30 - 180 seconds. Changes can also be made from the java mobile phone program or from the user’s website,” Mr. Stokes said.</p>
<p>”When you consider that this is all being made possible by Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) GPS satellites, 12,500 miles (20,200 kms) in space and travelling at nearly 7,000 miles an hour (11,200 kph), it is a considerable feat to locate your asset within 50-65 feet (15-20 metres) of its actual location – anywhere in the world – in the time it takes to send and receive an SMS message,” Mr. Stokes said.</p>
<p>“phantomEye and its partners SignalGuard International and GeoPresent Pty. Ltd. have combined to supply customers with an inexpensive but remarkably powerful locator called a TrimTrac, from Trimble Navigation Inc. of Silicon Valley in California, USA, a recognised world leader in GPS technology.”</p>
<p>“Combining Australian software ingenuity with the best of American technology has resulted in a very affordable and reliable tracking and locating service for 24 hour control of all of your vehicles that may - or may not- be on the move,” he said.</p>
<p>“Despite the fact that it costs only a few hundred dollars, the Trimble TrimTrac is a very smart piece of engineering wizardry that can be programmed to do your bidding.”</p>
<p>“phantomEye makes it possible for you to remotely set it up to do exactly what is required for your specific business and, as and when required, change its tracking behaviour to fit any change of circumstance. Ease of use and flexibility now have real meanings and provide value for money to suit the budget of a small to medium enterprise – or an individual just wanting to keep track of the family car.”</p>
<p>“Once protected by phantomEye, all vehicle stops/starts are recorded on a 90 day historical record database, recording from where and when the vehicle starts a trip to where and when the trip ended,” Mr. Stokes said.</p>
<p>“All speed excesses over a pre-set threshold are detected and reported. In a commercial business this kind of record can be extremely valuable – but it has many other uses for private car owners as well.”</p>
<p>“For example one of the major worries of parents of new teenage drivers today is eliminated by giving Mum and Dad the ability to record the driving pattern of the young driver. Any speed excess over a set threshold (default is 110 KMPH / 69 MPH) is automatically reported. While the teenage driver may not be too thrilled, Mum or Dad, will be able to reset the allowable threshold from the website which they control,” Mr. Stokes said.</p>
<p>ABOUT US: phantomEye, based in Sydney, Australia, is an experienced supplier of GPS tracking devices and provides a host of services for tracking, remote monitoring and surveillance. “For more than two years we have been providing a web-based tracking solution and advanced custom solutions to organizations that have integrated spatial data with their original systems,” Mr. Stokes said. “Our expertise is in the integration of state-of-the-art GPS hardware, communication devices and security monitoring systems with back-end enterprise systems. So no matter how small or big your requirements we have a solution for you.”</p>
<p>About Ken W. Stokes – Chairman phantomEye: Ken is co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of CES, a New Zealand communications company specialising in developing security devices for radio, telephony, and satellite – primarily using the Company’s proprietary and patented technologies. He is also currently Chairman of CES’ subsidiaries SignalGuard International Ltd., SignalGuard Australia Pty Ltd., SignalGuard New Zealand Ltd., and Seek, Knots &amp; Associates Ltd., and Director of Lincoln University subsidiaries Lincoln Ventures Ltd., and Lincoln Hospitality Ltd. Prior to CES he was co-founder and CEO of Cardinal Network Group of companies, which developed and launched the world’s first information utility and made it the fastest growing company in New Zealand.</p>

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