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QNAP Announces TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS

  • 31 January, 2008 14:34

<p>QNAP Announces TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS
4-bay hot-swappable, Online RAID Capacity Expansion &amp; Online RAID Level Migration Network Storage Solution Targetted for SoHo and Small to Medium Businesses.</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia, January 31 2008 - The leading storage solution provider QNAP Systems, Inc. today unveils the new generation 4-bay, hot-swappable network-attached storage-TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS for business users. With high performance, enhanced reliability and expansibility, TS-409 Pro outstands other entry-level models by its powerful features including Hot-swappable HDD design, RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 5+spare disk redundancy, Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, and abundant backup and security functions. The HDD S.M.A.R.T. and complete log systems are supported to minimize the deployment cost and maintenance effort.</p>
<p>Those advanced RAID functions which were previously accessible only for enterprise-grade applications are now available on QNAP TS-409 Pro with more disaster-proof enhancements and simplified operation procedure. IT managers can easily set up the NAS as a centralized storage center with high-level data protection and flexible expansion capability. Advanced RAID 5 and RAID 6 are supported to maintain non-stop service of NAS even when one or two hard disks physically fail at the same time. The powerful yet user-friendly RAID management functions enable server manager to expand the storage capacity, or migrate the system to a higher RAID redundancy level without turning off the system. The HDD S.M.A.R.T. function provides complete hard drive's information, including temperature and health status, etc. to prevent potential physical drive failure. Encrypted FTP, SSL encrypted web-based access, SSH login, and encrypted remote replication features are supported to ensure secure data backup, access, and sharing. Moreover, a comprehensive log system with data access records, online user list, and email alerts helps server manager to control and manage the system easily. The Linux-embedded design and silent cooling fan ensures long-term and energy-saving operation, TS-409 Pro can be easily deployed anywhere even in a small office without server room.</p>
<p>According to Mr. Kieren Kemm, Bluechip Infotech's Product Manager of QNAP, "The hot swap design and the advanced RAID are key features we will be telling our customers about, and the fact that such features are rarely provided by other entry-level NAS suppliers. The RAID 5 and RAID 6 support, Online RAID Level Migration and Capacity Expansion features are important breakthrough in NAS for small business and SOHO users. Ideal for storage hungry users like digital records accessing and archiving, professional photographers or videographers or any growing business, QNAP has taken the lead in successfully implementing a networked storage device in the TS-409 Pro to provide a truly reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use storage solution."</p>
<p>Secure and complete backup functions
TS-409 Pro provides various powerful backup options. Users can use the professional backup software NetBak Replicator to perform synchronized, instant, and schedule backup to copy the data of multiple Windows PC to NAS. The remote replication function can be used to back up the data of a NAS to another QNAP NAS remotely. Users can also select to copy the data of NAS to or from an external USB device using the synchronized, instant, or schedule backup features.</p>
<p>Powerful and Multi-functional NAS for easy maintenance and data sharing
TS-409 Pro adopts the high performance 500MHz CPU and 256MB DDRII memory. QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS is built-in with many powerful server functions, including the Windows Active Directory authentication for easy user account setup and centralised data access; network storage, file server, encrypted FTP server, encrypted remote replication, printer server (supports up to 3 printers), UPS support, cross-platform operation, built-in PHP MySQL and SQLite web server.</p>
<p>Product Summary
Manufacturer: QNAP
Produce Name: TS-409
RRP: TS-409 is $729, TS-409Pro is $799
TS-409 Product Link:
TS-409 Pro Product Link:
Distributor : Bluechip Infotech</p>
About QNAP
QNAP Systems, INC. (QNAP) is a devoted and dominant provider of Internet Appliance products. With our solid and integrated expertise in the Linux embedded platform, QNAP has released more than 30 models for the network storage and digital network surveillance series over the past 5 years, providing our consumers with high performance and high reliability storage, backup, and surveillance solutions. Today, QNAP continues to lead the industry with our innovation in design and technology. Our products have gained worldwide recognition. For example, TS-109 Pro was honored the "The Best NAS Box" from MAXIMUMPC (US), "Lord of NAS" from Hexus (UK), and "Golden Bear Award" from Bjorn3D (US)
etc. TS-209 Pro was honored "Gold Medal Award" from (Denmark), Golden Award from InfoMods (France), and "Product of the Year 2007" from (Denmark) etc.
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