What's New: the latest products for the week commencing 21 November 2007

What's New: the latest products for the week commencing 21 November 2007

APC Smart-UPS XL 2200VA/3000VA

APC recently launched the Smart-UPS XL 2200VA and 3000VA 5U and corresponding battery pack. The UPS units aim to help companies protect their data by supplying reliable, network-grade power and scalable runtime in a tower or rack-mount form factor, making it ideal for servers as well as voice and data networks. Both offer quality runtime capability for business applications that demand continual uptime and allow organisations to configure up to 10 matching battery packs for runtime exceeding 24 hours. New features include a high power factor (0.9) and a built-in emergency power off (EPO) port. The hardware offers improved battery management technology to ensure maximum performance through intelligent precision charging. They also feature extended range automatic voltage regulation (AVR), providing higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery. The new units are designed to replace the legacy tower and 5U rack-mount models at both 2200VA and 3000VA.

Distributed by Express Data, Ingram Micro and DPSA.
RRP: APC Smart-UPS XL 2200VA - $2800; Smart-UPS XL 3000VA - $3600

MGE Pulsar MX Frame

The Pulsar MX Frame accommodates MGE's new Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules and provides small and mid-sized organisations with a modular and scalable power protection solution. Designed to deliver business continuity 24/7, the Pulsar MX uses modular, redundant architecture that can scale power and runtime as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required. The vendor claims this makes the product future-proof and reduces the upfront price. Online dual conversion topology delivers high availability, while dynamic redundancy provides flexibility. The unit has versatile output sockets including a mixture of 10amp, 16amp and hardwired output and flexible power sources, and three-phase or single-phase options are standard.
Distributed by ACA Pacific, Altech Computers, Conexus, Pacifi c Datacom, Page Data and MRA Systems.
RRP: Contact MGE for pricing details

Aros Sentinel XR

Aros claims the batteries in its new Sentinel XR UPS can be replaced while it is working off the inverter without any disturbances to the load. The UPS can also be set to standby mode when not in use. The product features built-in software which ensures effective management of the UPS, and provides information around the input and output voltage, the load applied, and remaining backup time. The software works even in the event of a failure, and can program the UPS for automatic weekly start-up and shutdown. Four manually selected operating modes cover various power demand requirements. Where power supply quality is very unstable and the user is unable to decide on the best operating mode, Sentinel XR's Smart Active function selects the best mode depending on the input power quality.
Distributed by Comsol.
RRP: from $5200

MGE Hotswap PDU IEC Out

This power distribution strip provides users with additional power outlets with cable retainers and a manual bypass switch. It allows UPS equipment to be hot swapped or upgraded without interrupting the power supply. The Hotswap PDU IEC out has an IEC16A input connector with retaining clip for compatibility with any UPS now and in the future from MGE UPS systems, as well as any other supplier, the vendor claims. Hotswap units can be installed as required - at the back, side, top of the UPSs, or rack-mounted. The product can be used on any make of UPS in the 700VA to 3kVA product rating and features an LED light to warn users when it is bypassed.
Distributed by ACA Pacifi c, Altech Computers, Conexus, Pacific Datacom, Page Data and MRA Systems
RRP: Contact MGE for pricing details

HP R8000/R12000/R36000

HP has launched new three-phase UPS (R8000, R12000, R36000) models, which aim to provide quality protection to BladeSystems and other high density environments. HP claims the hardware fulfils the need for uninterruptible power with increased power density and efficiency in crowded datacentres and racks filled to capacity with storage devices, monitors, servers, communications devices, and other equipment. The three-phase UPS models can provide up to 12,000 watts (W) of power in a 6U rack form factor, equating to 2KW per U space. The UPS R8000/3 and the R12000/3 use digital signal processing and newly developed Online On Demand hybrid technology to tackle increased power density and efficiency demands. Bundled with HP Rack and Power Management Software, these UPSs are supported by option cards and Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs) that add networking capabilities and load segmentation while increasing system backup time.
Distributed by Avnet, Dicker Data and Ingram Micro.
RRP: $11,900

Power Shield Commander

The Power Shield Commander offers up to 1558 joules surge protection, which Power Shield claims is five times higher than any UPS regardless of make or model. It also offres protection of up to 40,000 amps. When the surge protection is sacrificed, a spanner will fl ash on the LCD screen. According to Power Shield, resellers can address this issue with an optional module. The Commander UPS range also features real-time battery management, an LCD screen, USB and serial point connections, 5 per cent output variance, automatic voltage regulation, a two-year warranty and telephone/LAN protection. Extended backup models and remote monitoring cards are also available.
Distributed by Impact Systems, AFC Group, XiT Distribution, Altronics and Queensland Power Protection.
RRP: from $550 (PSC1000)

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