Intel announces focus research areas for '08

Intel announces focus research areas for '08

Enterprise and consumer electronics key research areas for this year

In keeping with its innovative research and development model, Intel's Corporation Technology Group plans to focus on enterprise and consumer electronics research areas for 2008.

Terascale Computing, Platform on a Chip, Energy Efficiency (Adaptive Snoozing Technology), Trusted Services, Carry Small, Live Large and Ultimate Connectivity are going to be the investment areas for the chipmaker this year, which would keep factors like security and affordability as its key drivers in the areas of healthcare, handheld devices, multi-core chips and energy efficiency.

A significant part of the research activity, particularly in the trusted services, is being carried in Intel's India Research Center.

Explaining and updating on the ongoing research initiatives, Dr Praveen Vishakantaiah, President, Intel India, said "The company was using a three pronged strategy -- in-house activity, awareness at the academic level and also working with its engineers extensively to get the focus domains on their topmost recall."

He also added that Intel's philosophy was based on the premise that the academic ecosystem is quite vital in the long run, and we are actively encouraging the muti-core curriculum.

Going by the company's estimate, these areas should see products in the hand held devices coming out in the next 3-4 years, and perhaps a little later in the others.

Intel is concentrating on active pre-seed funding, seed funding, business development and product funding for the same. According to Justin Rattner, CTO, Intel and Vittal Kini, Director, Intel India Research Center, who were also present, prototypes of the Terascale chips should be achieved sometime next year.

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