What's New: the latest products for the week commencing 12 December 2007

What's New: the latest products for the week commencing 12 December 2007

EMC Celerra NS20

The multi-protocol Celerra NS20 can simultaneously connect to multiple types of storage networks while offering high levels of functionality, price/performance and reliability, according to EMC. The system is designed to be simple to install and configure, with Startup Assistant software taking the system from power up to production in 15 minutes. EMC claims the Celerra NS20 is easy to operate once installed - for example, the automated volume management with thin provisioning takes a few mouse clicks and ensures that storage capacity is allocated quickly and efficiently. The Celerra NS20 claims 99.999 per cent availability by incorporating Clariion UltraScale technology. It leverages existing IP infrastructure and virtual technology to help users implement a cost-effective business continuity strategy.

Distributed by LAN Systems.
RRP: from $26,000

SonicWall CDP Box-to-Box Backup

This offsite backup and recovery solution operates in conjunction with local SonicWall CDP devices. Box-to- Box Backup automatically receives data from CDP appliances on a continual basis. All data is securely transmitted and encrypted with an AES 256-bit encryption key. In the event of local disaster or the local CDP unit fails, administrators can recover data from the remote CDP device through a simple-to-use interface. In a typical configuration, a local CDP appliance backs up servers, workstations and laptops. Using Box-to-Box Backup, customers can set up a second CDP appliance at a remote location to back up the data stored on multiple local CDP appliances. The most current copy of the data can be rapidly recovered after a disaster strikes, reducing business downtime from hours and days to minutes and seconds, SonicWall said.
Distributed by Ingram Micro and Lan 1.
RRP: from $685

NetApp StoreVault S300

The StoreVault S300 is designed to provide SMB customers with proven datacentre technology including advanced security, scalability, data protection, and simplified data management, at a low price point. Previously, competitive solutions required customers to purchase a mix of products to achieve the same level of functionality and capability that the StoreVault S300 provides, NetApp claims. The StoreVault S300 is aimed at the IT generalist in smaller companies that typically need 1TB-3TB of data storage, have 5-15 servers, and are in a Windowscentric environment. According to the vendor, the introduction of the S300 makes enterprise technology more affordable for smaller firms, while ensuring data storage is flexible and powerful. The StoreVault S300 is also a good solution for larger firms with small remote or branch offices that are seeking lower cost solutions to solve backup, restore, consolidation, and disaster recovery problems.
Distributed by San Systems.
RRP: $4755 for 1TB solution

IBM DS3200

The DS3200 is designed for easy implementation by inexperienced administrators. Its management interface presents tasks to the administrator first then asks which object to perform the task on. This approach lets nonstorage administrators quickly set up and deploy the solution. IBM's DS3200 is scalable, with capacity increased either by adding hard disk drives or by expanding the configuration and adding EXP3000 expansion units. Both of these operations can be done without having to shut down the DS3200. The solution is scalable to 3.6TB of storage capacity with 300GB hot-swappable SAS disks, and is expandable by attaching up to three EXP3000s for a total of 14.4TB of storage. The disk storage system has copy and disaster recovery features such as FlashCopy and VolumeCopy which can be enabled when required.
Distributed by Ingram Micro, Cellnet and Avnet.
RRP: Price on Application

HP All-in-One

HP claims its All-in-One Storage System is an easy-to-use family of storage devices for SMBs. The combination of performance optimised file serving (NAS), shared storage array (iSCSI SAN), and data protection functions under a simple management tool aims to deliver value, efficiency, and utility without the cost or complexity of traditional options. This allows users to quickly and easily set up network storage, migrate data from capacity constrained servers, implement disk and tape backup policies and set up user file shares. The All-in-One Storage Manager includes setup and migration wizard support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 so users can move from direct-attached to network storage in fewer than 10 mouse clicks. It can also provision iSCSI storage for servers running both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003, while set-up and migration wizards give administrators the flexibility to mix technologies to meet the storage needs of individual applications.
Distributed by Lynx Technologies, Avnet, Ingram Micro and Dicker Data.
RRP: $9969

Hitachi SMS 100

Designed for SMBs, the SMS 100 aims to remove storage system complexity and features wizard-based GUI set-up and auto-configuration software. The storage system scales from under 1TB to nearly 9TB of capacity, with no on-site IT support required, and allows users to easily upgrade to a new Hitachi system when they need more capacity. For instance, if a user purchases a 1TB model and later upgrades to 5TB, Hitachi's patent-pending Auto-Migration feature copies existing data and licenses to the new system. Its Hitachi Simple Modular Storage system also allows users to keep working if their LAN is down because last replication intervals are automatically saved to disk. When the LAN is back up, it synchronises the SMS system using Hitachi's SimpleDR asynchronous remote copy software.
Distributed by ACA Pacific and Lynx Technologies.
RRP: from $6000

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