10 Gigabit Ethernet secures border at Niagara Falls

10 Gigabit Ethernet secures border at Niagara Falls

Video rules on network operated by joint U.S./Canada commission to track traffic, suspicious activity

Footage gathered from PoE IP video and CCTV cameras at the bridges and customs plazas on both sides of the border is sent to the NFBC Operations Center, where management and staff analyze it from numerous views and angles to monitor traffic in each lane, locate traffic accidents and any unusual activities or incidents, and coordinate 24/7 responses. Operations Center personnel use commercial and internally developed applications to detect and respond to alarms from the bridges and plazas triggered by suspicious activity or tampering.

From the same graphical interface where they receive the alarms, Operations Center personnel can manipulate the cameras to focus in on perpetrators or problem areas. In addition to controlling all of the cameras at the bridges and plazas, Operations Center personnel reconfigure lanes at the bridges remotely by opening and closing them to traffic; and open and close an unmanned bridge where citizenship is authenticated and access granted via a card scan.

Operations Center personnel also remotely monitor the temperature and water levels of the server rooms located at the bridge plazas.

Internally, the NFBC network is secured using Lancope's StealthWatch network behavior analysis and response software, and Lockdown's Enforcer network access control application. These products allow NFBC to detect flow-based anomalies and threats, and authenticate and audit network users and devices.

Woods takes pride in the fact that his network had nary a WAN link. He uses a double entendre to boast about its utility.

"We can push a lot of traffic," he says, referring to the network's capacity and application.

View a slideshow about the technology used by the U.S./Canada border here.

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