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SnapGear Enables Wireless Hotspot Security Infrastructure

  • 08 September, 2003 17:36

<p>The latest generation of wireless connectivity technology hardware, for example the Intel Centrino™, which fully integrates 802.11b, has made it a practical reality to seamlessly connect to the Internet whether at work, home or travelling.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global has taken a fresh look at the emerging market for wireless Internet access and has developed an original approach to ensure that all players in the wireless broadband space can benefit from this growth opportunity.</p>
<p>The aim of the Hotspot Global model is to allow wireless Internet users to be able to roam across disparate Hotspot networks, and in doing so, receive a consistent user experience whilst being invoiced with a single bill by their chosen service provider.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global has created a device called a Hotspot Manager (HSM) which dramatically reduces the cost of setting up a wireless Internet access point, or hotspot. Secondly, it has set up a clearinghouse operation which will allow customers to seamlessly roam across the networks of member Wireless Infrastructure Providers (WIPs). Thus, rather than fighting 'turf wars', all WIPs can benefit from maximised customer uptake by being a part of the largest possible wireless footprint.</p>
<p>Wireless Infrastructure Providers (WIPs) deploy the hotspots. Hotspot Global's HSM device allows any WIP to easily and cost effectively establish hotspots at their preferred locations. Customer Owners (COs) deliver a pool of customers who will use hotspots at locations which meet their roaming needs. Hotspot Global members can be both WIPs and COs.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global has recognized that wireless technology will only become useful if devices can be used at the office, at home, and in public locations, without the need to reconfigure the device for each environment. The HSM device has been designed to support the differing needs of all three usage scenarios, while providing levels of security and convenience appropriate</p>
<p>Detailed technical information on how it works can be found at.-</p>
<p>The Hotspot Global HSM device is where SnapGear enters the equation. HSG needed a platform that could be easily developed to facilitate the functions of the HSM. Rather than develop a completely new device or deploy a PC for each HSM they chose a standard SnapGear router then developed their management software using the freely available SnapGear Embedded Linux Development system ( Being able to develop their own software onto a very affordable existing platform gave HSG the ability to very quickly bring their Hot Spot Manager to market.</p>
<p>Not only were they able to develop it quickly and deploy it to market but they have been able to continually develop their product in-house at low cost, without having to resort to expensive external contract developers, as the technology matures and changes.</p>
<p>The SnapGear LITE2 and LITE2+ products were ideal for the application as they were easy to develop the HSM software and they are very cost effective.</p>
<p>Amongst the early users of Hotspot Global are Anyport. Anyport ( has installed a Hotspot Global Hotspots in 20 or more marinas along the Queensland coast allowing broadband internet connections to both visiting and resident yachts. Hotspot Global access points are also throughout Brisbane city.</p>
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