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Netapp Sets New Standard in Performance Benchmarking Proving Greater Value for Customers’ Data Centres

  • 30 January, 2008 10:44

<p>NetApp Outperforms EMC in Real-World Data Centre Configurations on SPC-1 Benchmark Utilising Snapshots and RAID 6</p>
<p>AUSTRALIA, Sydney — January 30, 2008—NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that the NetApp® FAS3040 modular storage system outperformed the EMC CLARiiON CX3 Model 40 based on a series of recently submitted SPC-1™ Results, the industry’s most recognised storage performance benchmark. The independently audited SPC-1 Results provided a head-to-head comparison of both products on their overall SAN performance with and without snapshots enabled. Snapshots are commonly employed by enterprise storage customers to provide continuous protection and smart copies of their data. In both cases, the NetApp FAS3040 outshined the EMC CLARiiON CX3-40, delivering 30,985.90 SPC-1 IOPs versus 24,997.48 SPC-1 IOPs (baseline result) and a robust 29,958.60 SPC-1 IOPs versus just 8,997.17 SPC-1 IOPs (baseline result with snapshots enabled. These results further validate NetApp as the high-performance leader for real-world data centre deployments featuring value-add data management and data protection functionality.</p>
<p>“NetApp's recent SPC-1 benchmark results confirm our earlier published findings on achieving excellent competitive performance with real-world configurations using valued features such as Snapshots,” said Pat Cimprich, Avanade’s chief architect for Infrastructure and Security Solutions. “Practical performance results like these help Avanade design and implement well-managed storage solutions for enterprise applications, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and SQL Server, which supports dynamic computing capabilities that help companies streamline and promote faster business change.”</p>
<p>In addition to high performance, the SPC-1 Results also provides evidence that NetApp FAS3040 customers can realistically expect 68% better capacity utilisation than EMC CX3-40 users as a result of RAID-DP™, NetApp’s Double-Parity RAID 6 . This set of SPC-1 Results represent NetApp innovation and leadership in a number of key areas:
• The first-ever results utilising Double-Parity RAID 6
• The first-ever results utilising Snapshot copies
• The highest percentage usable capacity ever benchmarked for a modular SAN storage system</p>
<p>The NetApp FAS3040 has a lower list price than the EMC CLARiiON CX3-40. The lower price and superior capacity utilization provide a far lower cost per benchmarked gigabyte, a key indicator for effective real-world data center capacity planning.</p>
<p>"We saw a dramatic increase in performance after switching from EMC CLARiiON to NetApp storage systems,” said David Duchai, senior vice president of Information Technology Services, First American Bank. “Uptime and usable storage capacity also increased substantially. Our system has become so easy to manage that we need only one administrator. NetApp is head and shoulders above EMC."</p>
<p>“The simplicity of the NetApp storage solution represents significant management savings,” said George White, chief information officer, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. “Then factor in performance, and NetApp is appreciably more cost-effective than our old DAS solution and the alternative SAN solution we evaluated.”</p>
<p>“This set of SPC-1 Results is clear proof that NetApp SAN storage solutions provide our customers with outstanding performance when compared to the competition,” said Rich Clifton, senior vice president and general manager, Virtualization and Grid Infrastructures, NetApp. “The customer relevance of these results set a new standard, as we made sure to simulate a real-life data storage environment by implementing NetApp Snapshot and RAID 6 as part of the testing methodology. As the results show, the NetApp FAS3040 passed with high marks while maintaining the high-performance standards our customers have come to expect."</p>
<p>“The Storage Performance Council is pleased that NetApp has published its first SPC-1 Results, joining a group of distinguished members,” said Walter E. Baker, administrator for the SPC. “We also applaud the introduction of snapshots, in the context of an SPC-1 Result, as more and more companies today are leveraging this technology to provide continuous protection and smart copies of their data. The inclusion of this feature during the benchmark measurements renders the results even more relevant to real-world applications.”</p>
<p>In the past, customers had to rely on vendor-generated information and come to their own conclusions when determining which storage solution was right for their business. SPC-1Results, however, do away with the guesswork and provide customers with a clear point of reference that compares two similar products side by side while using the exact same testing methodologies on each. Furthermore, it eliminates performance as a point of uncertainty for those customers purchasing NetApp storage solutions and enhances customer confidence in the production usage of Snapshot copies by confirming that its performance impact is negligible.</p>
<p>For more information on NetApp SPC-1 benchmark results, please visit the results pages on</p>
<p>More information on all NetApp offerings is also available through the NetApp Tech OnTap program. The NetApp Tech OnTap program includes a monthly newsletter with real-world best practices, tips and tools, behind the scenes engineering interviews, and more. Sign up now at</p>
<p>About SPC
The SPC is a nonprofit corporation founded to define, standardise, and promote storage system benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable performance data to the computer industry and its customers. SPC membership is open to all companies, academic institutions, and individuals. The SPC created the first industry-standard performance benchmark in 2001, targeted at the needs and concerns of the storage industry, and its goal is to serve as a catalyst for performance improvement in storage. For a complete list of SPC-1 and SPC-2 results, visit</p>
<p>About NetApp
NetApp is a leading provider of innovative data management solutions that simplify the complexity of storing, managing, protecting, and retaining enterprise data. Market leaders around the world choose NetApp to help them reduce cost, minimise risk, and adapt to change. For solutions that deliver unmatched simplicity and value, visit us on the Web at</p>
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