Informix tools go graphical

Informix tools go graphical

Welcome to the age of graphical interfaces. Nearly 15 years after the Macintosh introduced the concept and about eight years after Microsoft adop-ted the graphical approach, Informix has made its character-based, fourth-generation-language (4GL) database programming tool adopt a graphical user interface.

Informix based its new Dynamic 4GL on Compiler from 4J's Development Tools in France. Dynamic 4GL converts 4GL applications to graphical ones by recompiling existing code, giving legacy applications a modern look and feel on Windows and X Window System thin clients. A World Wide Web-client version is due out by year's end.

"Informix was responding to the installed base's demand," said Fred Hubbard, president of the International Informix Users Group and a vice president at Challenger Systems, a consulting firm in the US. Hubbard said Informix has been filling in holes in its product line to satisfy users who have hung on during its recent lean times.

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