PC Briefs: Samsung & MS, AMD, ViewSonic

PC Briefs: Samsung & MS, AMD, ViewSonic

Samsung, MS line Pockets

Microsoft and Samsung are working on concept designs for personal digital assistants (PDAs), aiming to bring down the price of handhelds based on Microsoft's Pocket PC software. Electronics makers will be able to cut the cost of development and get to market quicker by using the ready-made PDA designs, the companies said. The first concept design is for "an ultra low cost" and "ultra small" Pocket PC that incorporates a Samsung ARM9-based S3C2410 application processor, Microsoft's Windows Powered Pocket PC software and a 3.5-inch QVGA greyscale or colour display. Pricing will depend on the hardware makers, but should be "matching or beating the lowest Pocket PC prices today".

New chip off AMD block

A new mobile processor chip launched by Advanced Micro Devices is immediately available in a range of notebooks. AMD's latest desktop processor releases have taken months to make their way into the system but the Mobile AMD Athlon XP 2200+ is already available in Excelente notebooks in the US and the Amilo A-x600 in Europe. The new chip is priced at $US186 in1,000-unit quantities, compared to $US345 for the 2000+ model. Prices across the Athlon range are expected to fall following the release of the 2200+.

Wireless Windows

ViewSonic will release specifications for a new class of wireless computer displays running a custom operating system from Microsoft that will allow users to walk away from their desks and still have access to data on their PCs. ViewSonic will release two versions of its wireless display in the first quarter of 2003. The 10-inch ViewSonic V110e and the 15-inch ViewSonic V150. Both displays use built-in support for the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN technology so users wielding a stylus pen will be able to navigate the touch-screen displays to browse the Internet or access data such as e-mail and digital photos.

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