Update: Bluechip IT looking for stolen notebooks

Update: Bluechip IT looking for stolen notebooks

Police claim criminals that broke into its Melbourne warehouse this month are highly organised

Victoria Police claim the two men who broke into Bluechip Infotech's Melbourne warehouse this month were highly organised thieves.

The duo hit the distributor's warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater sometime between Sunday, December 9, at 11pm and Monday, December 10, at 1.30am, and stole about 120 notebooks including Fujitsu, Esprimo Mobile, Acer and Travelmate brands.

Bluechip IT managing director, Johnson Hsiung, said it first noticed its alarm and telephone wires were cut prior to the break-in. He claimed the thieves returned to the scene later on to steal the notebooks.

According to the Victoria Police, the thieves also cut a hole in the fence at the rear of the property and forced open a rear door.

"When we realised the wires were cut we sent down our security guard to check things out, but there didn't appear to be anything wrong - the thieves then came back again," Hsiung said. "We had more than double that amount of notebooks in the warehouse - it looks like they didn't have time to take them all."

He said Bluechip had records of all of notebook serial numbers on file. The distributor was also insured.

"If the products appear anywhere in the market, we will know straight away," Hsiung said.

But Ringwood CIU detective senior constable, David Perryman, said the burglary was highly organised.

"These men came prepared to take a large quantity of goods and knew exactly how to get into the property. They have specifically taken items that they will be able to sell very quickly on the black market," he said.

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