Year End - OLPC heralds era of low-cost computing

Year End - OLPC heralds era of low-cost computing

Even though it has not met its goal, OLPC has already made a huge impact on the computer industry

But the groups promoting low-cost laptops for developing countries are trying to take care of some of these infrastructure issues, and the devices could help narrow the digital divide in countries where development is already in full swing and electricity and Internet connectivity are more available, such as India and China.

Enderle compared the XO to Volkswagen's original Beetle, "a very plain, utilitarian vehicle that became iconic." It met a need for low-cost driving in the same way the XO and rivals will give people in developing countries a low-cost device for computing. It may not meet everyone's needs right away, but it's a good start.

For the rest of us, it will reduce computer prices.

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