More companies show interest in the iPhone

More companies show interest in the iPhone

The iPhone has won over the hearts and minds of many consumers and professionals

The iPhone has won over the hearts and minds of many consumers and professionals, and now there is growing interest in whether IT shops at businesses and other large organisations should start supporting them.

The thinking in the past by many analysts was that no company would support the iPhone since the device doesn't offer push e-mail, disk or file encryption, much less third-party applications.

But one analyst at Forrester Research, said in a blog this week that Forrester has recently received a "surprising volume" of inquiries from its large business clients asking whether they should add the iPhone to an internal list of mobile devices that the IT staff will support.

"Forrester strongly believes that the first generation of the iPhone is not an enterprise-class mobile device," wrote analyst Benjamin Gray. "However, improvements are already being taken to make the iPhone more business friendly with a new generation that will support 3G networks and will be open to third-party applications."

So Gray asked how many large organizations already welcome the iPhone and promised future research.

An analyst at Gartner, Phillip Redman, said his firm's clients have tended to say they don't want to support the device and have found it expensive. "However, as more enterprise applications emerge and there is a better ability to support them, we imagine there will be more requests" for advice from Gartner, he said.

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