Intel servers get mgmt. software upgrade from IBM

Intel servers get mgmt. software upgrade from IBM

IBM last week updated its management software for Intel-based servers, giving users a host of new automation and error-checking tools that could help reduce administration costs, the company said.

IBM Director Version 3.1, which will ship with all xSeries servers, brings some diagnostic and installation features found on higher-priced hardware down to IBM's lower-cost Intel-based server line.

Users can now run server diagnostic checks while the hardware is still running. Previously, the system had to be down or offline. Users can also monitor a variety of performance metrics on their Windows servers without shutting down the system.

Another new tool will let customers monitor parts of the hardware, such as power supplies, hard disks and fans, to see if any components are showing warning signs of a possible failure.

Director 3.1 also sends out alerts when resources such as computing power or memory are running low. Users of Director 3.0 will be able to upgrade to the new version via a download on IBM's Web site.

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