Review: Samsung FP-T6374 -- A display for all seasons

Review: Samsung FP-T6374 -- A display for all seasons

The design and features of the Samsung FP-T6374 allow it to be used in corporate and consumer environments

"Choice" is undoubtedly a value proposition for the Samsung FP-T6374 -- some would say too much of it.

This 63-inch flat panel Plasma display's design and features allow it to be used in business as well as consumer environments.

Given is huge form factor, I could see the FP-T6374 being used in a large company boardroom -- for instance -- for presentations, video conferences, and to display corporate footage.

The rear panel offers a couple of options for connecting a notebook or desktop PC. You could either use a D-Sub cable to connect the PC In jack on the display with the PC -- or an HDMI-DVI cable (not included with the display) to link the HDMI In port on the display with the PC output jack on a computer.

I used the first option to hook up an HP Pavilion dv6636nr notebook PC to the Samsung display (the onscreen menu allows you to select the external input source). I then used the notebook's remote to move through various programs on the PC.

My experience was mixed.

While the image from my laptop displayed clearly, the colors were a very far cry from vigorous and brilliant shades on my laptop. To route PC audio to the display, again there are two options -- either using a PC Audio Cable or a "3.5 mm stereo to 2 RCA cable."

The drawback is that none of these specialty cables are included with the package -- with is a pity. With a price tag of given $7,499 -- that's what the FP-T6374 retails for at -- you would think Samsung would throw in all the necessary cables.

On the consumer front, given the price, it's clear this baby isn't for everyone.

But assuming you've just got that big holiday bonus, and feel inclined to splurge on a big ticket Plasma display that really makes a statement in your living room - this may be one of the items you should check out.

From a consumer perspective -- again "choice" is arguably the most compelling feature of the Samsung FP-T6374. It's a TV/display that includes everything...well nearly everything.

Its connectivity options -- for instance -- are many and varied:

  • Multiple internal tuners -- ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM -- and is therefore capable of handling any TV signals you receive.
  • In addition to all the standard ports you would except on a high-end display (HDMI, component, S-Video, composite) the FP-6374 includes a few special inputs -- including a WiseLink USB jack on the side panel.

Vivid picture

After the rather disappointing experience with the images from my HP laptop, I tested how the FP-T6374 handled video input from other devices.

So I put the display through the paces, checking out picture quality using various media, a variety of external video input devices -- including a Samsung second get Blu-ray player and a Sony DVD player -- and multiple connectivity options.

I also did the tests at various times of the day, and each time the display came through with flying -- or perhaps I should say, vivid -- colors.

Expectedly, quality was best when I played Blu-ray discs at 1080p -- hooking up a Samsung second gen Blu-ray player to one of the HDMI inputs on the TV.

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