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Panaseer Tunes into Austereo

  • 29 March, 2004 08:47

<p>Sydney, 29 March 2004…Panaseer announced today that it has won a three year multi-million dollar deal with Austereo to manage its Australia wide network.</p>
<p>The deal encompasses the full management by Panaseer of Austereo’s voice and data network, with complete end-to-end networking solutions covering their customer premise equipment, external network links and facilities management services.</p>
<p>Speaking on the announcement, Mr Des DeCean, Group General Manager, Engineering and IT for Austereo said, “As Australia’s largest broadcaster, we needed a partner that would reduce our telecommunications costs without compromising on quality, and bring to the company value added services.” He added, “Austereo employs over 1,000 people, and our network is critical to our success as a broadcaster.”</p>
<p>Using Panaseer’s VPN solutions, Austereo will gain a five-fold increase in their network bandwidth due to the Ethernet to Ethernet network running at 10Mbit/s. Commenting on the expansion, Mr Ross Forgione, Group IT and Communications for Austereo said, “The increased capacity has lifted our productivity and allowed us to integrate applications such as our web based CRM into the overall network. However, most importantly, we have achieved this with a low investment ratio.”</p>
<p>Mr Garry Gray, General Manager, Panaseer said of the win, “Austereo’s network has demanding requirements and we have met those by delivering a mix of carrier diversity and solutions that best suit each application within the company.”</p>
<p>He added, “We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with Austereo and to build on this over the next few years. In a highly competitive environment the company was able to provide Austereo with a network that is reliable and flexible as well as cost effective.”</p>
<p>An example of this is the integration of live to air audio traffic leveraging the VPN service. Austereo’s Cyber Studio utilises this functionality, with the show being run in Sydney and broadcast live to air across Sydney and Melbourne. Mr Gray said, “We see our role as Austereo’s partner in the development of innovative solutions to meet and exceed their telecommunications needs.”</p>
<p>Commenting on the partnership with Panaseer, Mr Forgione said, ”We were attracted to Panaseer’s position in the marketplace as an independent carrier. They have shown that they can deliver a tailored networking solution, yet give us the performance and price of a major player.”</p>
<p>“We now have a robust voice and data network along with audio broadcasting. Our telecom spend is down and we have improved our audio quality,” he added.</p>
<p>About Panaseer
Panaseer is Australia’s leading provider of managed telecommunications solutions. The company provides tailored outsourced networks that simplify communication complexities. The company’s corporate customers enjoy the benefits of VPNs, for voice and data, video, and online applications. Delivering real value and cost savings.</p>
<p>Panaseer’s team is passionately focused on delivering these customised telecommunications solutions that are driven by service level guarantees and the company’s 100 man-years of expertise.</p>
<p>The company bring efficiencies that reduce customer’s capital expenditure, and lower their operational costs, giving them a competitive advantage in their business. Panaseer’s solutions are developed to suit our customer’s applications, locations and budget, with a fully integrated national network that delivers assured service levels 24/7.</p>
<p>About Austereo
Austereo Group Ltd is the largest radio broadcaster in Australia. The company operates radio stations in all mainland Australia capital cities and the two major regional cities of Newcastle and Canberra.</p>
<p>With two national networks, Today and Triple M, Austereo’s strengths lie in creative programming, effective sales and promotional strategies, and the development of non traditional revenue streams. These key competitive advantages have been exported to offshore markets, including Malaysia, Greece and the UK.</p>
<p>The programming of Austereo stations is targeted to under 45 audiences. The success of the strategies is such that the network generally holds the number one or two ratings place in the vital 19-39 age audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle and Canberra.</p>
<p>Austereo Group Ltd was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 5 March 2001.</p>
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