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Local Government $1.5 Billion online purchasing deal

  • 27 November, 2003 14:40

<p>NEWS EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: The marketboomer/Local Buy/Queensland Local Government contract is an important breakthrough for an Australian software company and could have implications for similar deals in NSW and Victoria. The Local Buy deal is the first eProcurement contract marketboomer has signed OUTSIDE the hotel/hospitality market where it now dominates - and marks the beginning of an aggressive move into local government and HealthCare.</p>
Media Contact Terry Quinn WordsPLUS 02 9460 0145; 0439 710 418 or
Marketboomer CEO David Mayman on 02 8870 3370 or
Local Buy General Manager - Michelle McFadyen 07 30002282</p>
<p>Local Buy – the online Internet system designed to electronically handle the estimated $1.5 Billion plus annual purchases of the Queensland Local Government’s 125 councils, today announced a deal with Australian eProcurement specialist marketboomer.</p>
<p>The contract was signed in Sydney today by marketboomer’s Managing Director David Mayman and Local Buy’s Director, Bill Simpson.</p>
<p>Under the terms of the deal negotiated by Local Government reseller iPlatinum, marketboomer will build a sophisticated eHub that will enable Queensland councils to connect seamlessly online to their suppliers via the Local Buy eMarketplace.</p>
<p>This is a substantial investment in addition to the original eMarketplace provided by marketboomer to Local Buy. The first stage of the integration contract, will be introduced in modules between Q1 2004 and June 2004.</p>
<p>"The marketboomer solution was selected after considerable evaluation of available systems," LocalBuy’s Bill Simpson said today after the contract signing. "They were able to offer a solution which will deliver many enhancements including an online invoicing system which will enable suppliers to process invoices to Councils through the Local Buy eMarketplace, saving significant time, processing errors and administrative costs."</p>
<p>"Invoices sent through the LocalBuy eMarketplace will be able to be imported directly into individual Council’s Finance Systems. The marketboomer solution will also include:</p>
<p>A standard online "Request For Quote" capability.
A punch out capability that will allow Councils to integrate with suppliers’ web sites for the purpose of ordering goods and services as well as querying real time pricing and availability.
The capability for users to connect to the eMarketplace using the same user ID and password as they currently use for other internal systems in the council, saving complexity and potential confusion.</p>
<p>"The benefits of e-procurement to local government are considerable," marketboomer’s David Mayman said. "Councils can achieve enormous purchasing and administrative cost savings through:</p>
<p>Being part of a larger council buying community, potentially worth billions of dollars.
Assured of best price with every order.
Rationalising the range of products, product lines or suppliers used.
Time saved in preparing purchase orders and the approval and processing stages.
Reduction in errors in orders and returns of goods
Reducing, and possibly eliminating, maverick purchasing
Integration of entire order - delivery, payment cycle with financial management systems.
LocalBuy’s Bill Simpson agreed. "There are also a large number of benefits to suppliers in participating in the Local Buy e-procurement system, particularly in having effective access to a much larger marketplace, creating new business opportunities. Suppliers will also be able to streamline processes, reduce their own mistakes in orders and returns and have faster payment options through the Local Buy e-procurement system."</p>
<p>Marketboomer’s Declan Monahan said that the new e-procurement systems will enhance Local Councils ability to use local suppliers by enabling them to conveniently seek out suppliers under product/ service categories in their local areas.</p>
<p>"As part of the e-procurement process the system will encourage access to the e-procurement marketplace for local businesses," Mr. Monahan said. " During the implementation stages of the marketboomer new e-procurement modules, Local Buy will be working with each Council individually to determine local suppliers the Council wishes to participate in the system. Local Buy, along with Council officers, will approach local suppliers and assist them in becoming involved in the e-procurement system." he said.</p>
<p>About marketboomer</p>
<p>marketboomer is a world standard eProcurement technology and service provider with proven solutions now operating in hospitality, education, local government and healthcare. Initial focus on the hospitality sector brought early success for the company which now dominates the major blue chip hotel chains in Australia. The company has processed in excess of $75 million worth of orders on line and will soon begin exporting their electronic purchasing technology to Asia Pacific and North America. An Australian government endorsed supplier, marketboomer delivers flexible cost efficient, on line commerce solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to trade with each other over the Internet regardless of their technology infrastructure. marketboomer's core competency lies in its ability to deploy low cost business to business Internet commerce solutions for companies in rapid time. They continue to develop internationally competitive, flexible, scalable, high-performance web based technology solutions, responding to the changing needs of a wide range of clients in diverse industries.</p>
<p>Further information about marketboomer can be found at .</p>
<p>About Local Buy</p>
<p>Local Buy is a wholly owned Subsidiary of the Local Government Association of Queensland for the ultimate benefit of all Queensland councils. Local Buy Pty Ltd has been established to focus on providing valuable procurement services and solutions to Queensland councils. It accepts the importance of local suppliers to councils and facilitates their inclusion in procurement systems. It values its relationships with both buyers and suppliers. Local Buy's core business encompasses both contract management, and the provision of the Local Buy e-Marketplace for Queensland Local Government. Local Buy has been establishing contracts for common use goods and services for use by Local Councils for the past seven years, whilst the e-Marketplace was launched in November 2002. For more information please visit</p>
<p>About iPLATINUM</p>
<p>IPLATINUM is an IT services and solutions provider focusing on specialist consulting, executive information, eBusiness, risk management and enterprise integration. The company was formed to address the specific information technology needs of Local Government. Our focus is on innovative solutions backed by quality service. Our Solutions are complementary to existing core technology and cover the areas of Executive Information, eBusiness, Risk Management and Enterprise Integration. This may vary from Strategic Planning and System Reviews to Computer Environment Support, Data Migration Services, Report Writing, Post Implementation Reviews, PeopleSoft Consulting and Project Management Services - all backed by a team of experienced professionals who have a long history in Local Government. The senior management at iPLATINUM have in excess of 130 years’ experience working with Local Authorities. The group comprises names well known in the industry including Michael Preedy (Chief Executive Officer), Terry Mohan (Manager Solutions), Scott McKeown (Manager Consulting) and Steve Congdon (Manager Technical Services).</p>
<p>For more information please visit</p>

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