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WOL.NET - Release Assetts for other things than useless power consumption

  • 19 October, 2007 11:08

<p>WOL.NET 2007 - Making business earn money outside working hours</p>
<p>WOL.NET 2007 is the successor of WOL.NET 2.1 by German software developer TOPTECHNOLOGIES Consulting.</p>
<p>Originally designed to help network administrators organize updates and hotfixes without annoying employees with down times and slow response from the network, it has also become a great source for extra money, following a survey conducted by the University of Bolzano, Italy, together with TOPTECHNOLOGIES Consulting.</p>
<p>WOL.NET 2007 is a web-based application for easily and comprehensibly waking up and powering down workstations for unattended software distribution purposes, usually commencing over night.</p>
<p>Based on a dynamically adjustable schedule, any collection of PCs - the whole network, a certain OU or simply one single workstation - can be woken up, updated and powered down afterwards.</p>
<p>As a result, PCs will only run when they are required. Before WOL.NET 2007 PCs were idling over night or whole weekends consuming a large amount of energy without gaining any assets. Now powering down PCs pays back over night on weekends and on public holidays.</p>
<p>To find out how much your business network can save preventing expenditures for useless energy consuming, TOPTECHNOLOGIES Consulting has installed a calculator.</p>
<p>Please refer to:</p>
<p>Although it’s a new version of the program, it still has a straightforward integration into SMS 2003 environments. It is also fully compatible to Microsoft® System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007.</p>
<p>It integrates by hierarchically displaying all SMS 2003 / SCCM 2007 collections in a browser window. The application just needs a simple one-time installation on a central server instance, based on Microsoft® MSI technology. After installing the application, all administrators can use WOL.NET 2007 from any workstation running Internet Explorer to create jobs for waking up and/or shutting down workstations at a specific date and time.</p>
<p>Repetitive jobs can be configured making it possible to deploy critical or time consuming applications and hotfixes at off peak hours without any impact on the business workflow. Exclusion rules are available to provide that important workstations won't be shut down accidently. As a convenient option comments may be attached to the exclusion rules to easily maintain an overview on the exclusions.</p>
<p>For more information on WOL.NET 2007 please contact</p>
<p>or call:
International: +61 03 9848 4975
Australia: 0401354442</p>

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