Monster monitor offers vibrant colours and contrast

Monster monitor offers vibrant colours and contrast

Thinking of getting a big monitor? Then try out this 27-inch monster from Samsung. The Syncmaster model has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200, so it can display full high-definition content (1080p) with ease (albeit with 120 lines of resolution left over, so you'll still get black bars above and below the picture), plus it's perfect for lining up multiple documents and application windows side by side. The large screen size, coupled with the high-definition resolution, makes it viewable from a distance. Icons and text are a good size, which makes this a comfortable monitor for most desktop setups. It can even be used as a TV thanks to its component, S-Video and composite connections, which allow users to plug in a digital TV set-top box or an HD gaming console.

As for its picture quality, the 275T is hard to fault. Its default brightness, contrast and colour settings produced vibrant colours, bright whites and rich blacks - we didn't even have to venture into the on-screen display menu. In DisplayMate's greyscale tests, none of the grey levels suffered from discolouration, and there were even tones between each grey level on the scale. The black level test showed all the dark levels of grey on a black background, while the black background was even darker than the darkest level of grey. Likewise, the extreme greyscale test showed every single dark level of grey on a black background and every single light grey colour on a white background. Fine colour details and shadowed areas were not lost on this monitor, which translated to excellent performance in our photo tests.

With a pixel response time of 6ms, the monitor isn't prone to ghosting during fast-paced (or even slow-paced) gaming, and we didn't see any ghosting or streaking during gaming sessions in FEAR, nor when running 3DMark06 and watching movies. However, many DVD movies looked blotchy and poorly defined.

This is because the resolution of DVDs is 720 x 576, and has to be scaled up to fill the 1920 x 1200 screen. High-definition content, such as digital TV, will look good, but this will also depend on the quality of the source content.

For a big monitor, its uniformity was almost excellent. We noticed only very slight hints of darkness in each of the corners. The screen also has impeccable viewing angles where it can be viewed almost perfectly from any angle. However, because it has a large dot pitch (0.303), its image isn't quite as clear as smaller monitors with the same native resolution, which have a smaller dot pitch. Text suffers a little from purple fringing and curves aren't perfect, but it's not overly noticeable.

All things considered, this monitor is very easy on the eyes. Colour reproduction was excellent, it didn't suffer from any motion problems and the picture was viewable even from the most obtuse angles.

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