Can AOL keep from fading away?

Can AOL keep from fading away?

The once-popular site has undergone several ill-fated transformations and lost a lot of traffic in the process, leading analysts to wonder if it can be salvaged

PropHead was acquired by AOL Time Warner -- now known as Time Warner, parent company of AOL -- in 2000.'s last cached snapshot for the address dates from January 2002. At press time, is empty of content.

As a portal, will feature news articles handpicked by its editors instead of visitors, along with a search engine and links to AOL and Netscape services and content.'s forthcoming format is at an alternate address.

Basically, it looks a lot like it did before its social news transformation. One change: AOL plans to establish links between and

It remains to be seen if the latest plan to revitalize the once mighty will propel it to new heights or see it sputter into oblivion.

What's clear is that AOL once had a portal jewel in its hands.

"AOL really wasted an opportunity when they bought Netscape. They didn't do enough to leverage the site's traffic and brand. They basically sat on it. It was a strategic blunder," Sterling said.

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