Vendor claims about storage virtualisation are seriously flawed

Vendor claims about storage virtualisation are seriously flawed

Analyst says its time to get real about this technology

"Administrators typically over allocate storage because of the complexity, impact and additional work to grow capacity. For example, if an application requires 50Gb the DBA will request 100Gb for head room, then the storage administrator doubles that just to be sure and provisions 200Gb," he said.

"Thin provisioning eliminates unused storage, reduces capital costs and simplifies capacity planning. While it isn't widely used at present its adoption will accelerate rapidly as vendor support widens and administrators become aware of its benefits.

"Im predicting that over the next 18 months thin provisioning will become as pervasive as other array-based virtualisation features such as RAID and snapshots."

McIsaac advised administrators to review current vendors and technologies recognising that "some vendor lock-in is unavoidable".

He said avoid using network based storage virtualisation, instead minimising the number of array vendors deployed in the SAN or NAS.

ARD Consulting IT manager, Eric Biggsley, said when it comes to storage its all about simplicity which is why he opted for an iSCSI SAN.

"Also I was making my purchasing decision when VMWare announced it would be adding iSCSI support," he said.

"This was great news because a SAN is necessary to get the most out of virtualisation, but I didn't want to do it with Fibre Channel because it was just too costly and we didn't really have the resources to support it."

Since then Biggsley has combined server virtualisation with SAN technology.

"Virtualization was one of the key drivers behind the selection of an iSCSI SAN," he said.

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